Hanging Garden Project

This is the garden project I wanted to tell you all about the other day but it was, at that time, a disaster. Thanks to my friend, D., it’s not a disaster any more and looks beautiful.

Making a succulent hanging garden for your wooden fence

(You can make any kind of garden, I chose succulents because they can stand being dried out and don’t need much water. In my dry area, I couldn’t keep this wet enough for most other plants, like vegetables.)

You Will Need:

A canvas hanging shoe organizer (mine has 24 slots)

Potting soil (I started out with cactus soil, but I ran out and finished with regular potting soil)

Plants (succulents are also great because you can pull them apart and each part will keep growing so I bought only 7 plants for the 24 slots)

Finishing nails (I used 7, but you might want more in case you bend one or drop one) — finishing nails are the thin ones that are about 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) long.


What To Do

1. Get your plants — you can buy them, divide existing plants you already have, or get a friend to give you some.


2. Lay out your shoe organizer.



3. Get out your soil.



4. Lay your plants alongside the shoe organizer where you think you will put them.



5. Fill the bottom row of slots with soil.



6. Add plants.



7. Hang on fence. Continue filling slots with soil and adding plants.

8. Very Important!! Do not skip this step if you live in a windy area. Nail the hanging shoe organizer to the wall using the finishing nails. I used three along the top, 2 at the bottom (1 above each of the end bottom slots), and 2 in the middle (1 on each side). Thank you, D., for the suggestion!

9. Water the plants. Water every day until the plants are established unless the soil is wet to the touch.



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