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purchase_button2Lizbeth’s Garden brings you a modern take on ancient arts, from passementerie (tassel & trim making), to preserving flowers (potpourri), to engraved metal.

Lizbeth’s Garden is a supplier and manufacturer of handmade, beaded tassels, potpourri, engraved and stamped metal pendants and tags, and more. Lizbeth’s Garden is also a wholesale supplier of beaded tassels.

Where to buy

Lizbeth’s Garden on Etsy provides you with affordable luxury in unique and beautiful home decor and accessories with beaded tassels, potpourri, dried and pressed flowers, and engraved and stamped metal. See Etsy Treasuries with Lizbeth’s Garden products

Custom and Wholesale

Custom Work (beaded tassels, engraved or stamped metal pendants and tags, and collages)

Read How to Order a Custom Beaded Tassel and How to Order a Custom Metal Pendant.

Photos of my custom work

Contact me if you are interested in custom work.

Wholesale Products

Lizbeth’s Garden only offers tassels and passementerie items for wholesale purchase at this time. All other products do not scale easily for wholesale production. If you would like one-of-a-kind items for your retail store or gallery, please contact me.

More information about Lizbeth’s Garden’s wholesale policies, line sheets, and more is available on the Wholesale Products page.

Product Information

Beaded Tassels

White tassels ready to bead

All tassels are handmade by Lizbeth. At this time, I only carry soft tassels. Trims and garlands are coming soon, along with molded tassels reminiscent of traditional passementerie.

The tassels are made of pearl cotton thread and glass and vintage beads. The pearl cotton thread is very durable and will not ravel. It will stand up to heavy use, and still look nice. I have washed plain (unbeaded) tassels. The beaded tassels should not be washed. Some tassels also include silk cord, also durable and long-lasting. The silk tassels can be steamed if they become disarrayed. Use caution with steam, it is very easy to be burned.

The beads are from a lovely bead shop in downtown Idaho Falls, Pandora’s Baubles and Beads. The bead fringes are sewn onto the tassel. Most of the beads are also very durable. Please contact me if you have any questions about a particular bead’s durability.

Flowers (potpourri, pressed, & dried)

Rose PotpourriI carry two types of potpourri. Both are handmade by me from fresh and dried flowers and fruits.

Homegrown Potpourri, my original line of potpourri contains only flowers from my own garden, plus essential oils.

I don’t use any pesticides or other chemicals on my garden. I harvest at the peak of bloom, and then preserve them.

Artisan Potpourri includes flowers from my own garden, as well as ingredients from other local gardens, plant growers and shops. I choose only the best ingredients, and hand-pick where possible.

I carefully select the ingredients to create the aroma I want, then hand-mix them and add essential oils to bring out the desired fragrance.

I offer many aromas in artisan potpourri, from food, such as citrus or apple pie, to aromas reminiscent of place, such as tropical, and time, such as Christmas pine and rose.

Pressed and dried flowers are the best flowers in my garden, carefully chosen by me at the peak of bloom, and preserved to brighten your home. I add nothing to the pressed flowers, and they are ideal for scrapbooks and collages. The dried flowers may have a drying agent added, but I do not enhance their color or add preservatives to maintain color over time. Like any natural product, they will fade and change over time, but my personal ones have kept their color and appearance for years now, and I expect the ones I create for others to be the same.


Collage Materials
The collages are made of objects I have found and collected. Many, but not all, of the materials are vintage. The frames are commercial frames that I have chosen for each collage.

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