I had a really cool post for today

But I don’t think I can put it up, ethically. So instead, you get a post on why you can’t see that other post. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I saw a while ago, somewhere online (I don’t remember where, but I don’t think they’d appreciate a link in light of what I’m about to tell you) a picture of a hanging shoe organizer filled with plants, a mini-hanging garden. I thought, Wow, that’s a great idea. I want to make one.

So I did. And then I had an even better idea. I’d take pictures and write a how-to post for all of you. And the project turned out great, and the photos turned out great, and I got them edited, even with the old version of iPhoto on this computer I’m borrowing.

And then, last night, I found the hanging garden on the ground after a day of heavy wind. I thought, Okay, I can still write the post. That was some nasty wind we had today. I’ll put it back up, and everything will be fine.

Nope. I went out this morning, and it was on the ground again. We didn’t even have very much wind in the night. Okay, not much wind for around here. It was probably blowing 10 mph. Just a gentle breeze, right? /end_heavy_sarcasm

The plants are looking squashed. Right now, I have the whole thing laid out on the ground flat, but I think I’ll be transferring them to pots in the next few days.

So, in good conscience, I don’t feel I can tell you all how to do this project, even if it does look really cool. Because it’s not as sturdy as one would hope, and I would hate to be the cause of even more crushed plants. :(

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