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Lizbeth’s Garden was founded in October 2009 by Elizabeth C. in Idaho Falls, Idaho, as a blog and a business. The blog is a place for Elizabeth to write about her crafts, poetry, and justice with book reviews and social commentary included. The store on Etsy is a venue for Elizabeth’s handmade, beaded tassels.

Elizabeth started Lizbeth’s Garden to offer high-quality beaded tassels for home decor at affordable prices. She has expanded into beaded tassels for all the customer’s needs, including purse tassels, zipper pulls, keychains, earrings, and more.

Lizbeth’s Garden on Etsy is still the main store, selling beaded tassels and dried flowers, including potpourri and pressed pansies. Elizabeth now also runs Lizbeth’s Art on Zibbet, selling paper goods, bookmarks, sculptures and collages.

Elizabeth makes all her products herself, using only the highest quality materials. She incorporates vintage beads into many of her tassels, making them one of a kind pieces. Elizabeth’s tassels are the only ones available using vintage beads over thread.

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Elizabeth C. has been making and creating art and writing for as long as she can remember. Art classes became a regular part of her life early on. She loves creating things for people to buy and take home, where she hopes they love them as much as she does. Each item is a labor of love.

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More information is available upon request (credentials required), including site stats & rankings and high resolution photos. Contact Elizabeth.

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