Custom Beaded Tassel Photos

Custom Beaded Tassels

These are photos of custom beaded tassels I have done for local customers. Other examples of my custom work can be found in the Sold section of my Etsy shop, including my custom metal pendants and tags. Click the image for a larger version.

Custom Brooch in Burgundy with Amethyst sold 4/24/11

Custom 2 Inch Beaded Tassel Earrings sold 4/15/11

Custom 4 inch keyring, sold 4/2/11

Pair of Rainbow Beaded Tassel Keyrings, Oct 2011

7 inch blue and green beaded tassel

7 inch blue and green beaded tassel sold April 2012

Interested in a custom item of your own? Read my post about how to order a custom beaded tassel if you’re curious about the process. To place an order, please contact me and we’ll get started. I accept both PayPal and Google Wallet payments. Curious about the quality of my work? Read my feedback from customers of my Etsy store. I have a 100% positive rating on Etsy.

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