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Lizbeth’s Garden: A blog of poetry, handmade crafts, short fiction, and essays on justice. http://lizbethsgarden.com/blog
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Lizbeth’s Garden: Handmade beaded tassels, artisan potpourri, engraved metal, and more! http://lizbethsgarden.etsy.com
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Intro to Lizbeth’s Garden

Lizbeth’s Garden started in 2009 as a place for Elizabeth to share her poetry. It has since evolved into a place for sharing her poetry, crafts, short fiction, and writings on justice. It is also the website for her Etsy business, also called Lizbeth’s Garden.

Lizbeth’s Garden, the Etsy store, is full of Elizabeth’s unique handmade beaded tassels, artisan and homegrown potpourri, engraved metal, and other artwork and home decor.

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