About Lizbeth’s Garden

About Lizbeth's GardenHere you will find:

  • poetry:

    I want to write poetry that actually says something. So much modern poetry takes empty phrases that sound good with a compelling rhythm to tap into the reader’s emotions. I want to tap the reader’s emotions, but to go beyond the visceral and tell a story.

  • fiction

    {short stories, vignettes, and novel excerpts}

  • essays

    {justice, technology, and current events}

  • book reviews

  • handmade products,

    {by me and others}

I follow a loose schedule of posting:

  • Tuesday Treasure

    {featuring an item from my Etsy shop}

  • Wordless Wednesday

    {a fun picture I have taken}

  • Friday Feature

    {featuring other Etsy shops, often from the Etsy DTeam that I captain}

  • Saturday Surprise

    {same as Friday Feature; likely to appear when I didn’t post a Friday Feature} or

    This Week’s Reading

    {a list of books I will start in the upcoming week}

  • Sunday Service

    {reflecting on spirituality and/or religion}

Where does the name Lizbeth’s Garden come from?

I love to garden, and grow a large vegetable and flower garden every year. I am in the (slow) process of converting my lawn to garden beds.

When I set out to create my blog and shop, I was looking for a name that would encompass the bounty of ideas and writing I had, as well as the myriad crafts I make. I imagine Lizbeth’s Garden as a welcoming cottage garden, full of beautiful flowers and plants, overflowing their beds. Come inside and walk around, I hope you find something to enjoy. If you do, be sure and visit my Etsy shop, also Lizbeth’s Garden.

Meet Lizbeth

I am a writer and an artist living in Idaho. I write an opinion column occasionally for a local newspaper. I believe that justice and compassion are things all people should be striving for, and to that end I work with social justice causes in my community.

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