Tuesday Treasure: Huckleberry Love Handmade Gift Guide

Lizbeth’s Garden is featured in an awesome holiday gift guide, run by the lovely women blogging at Huckleberry Love. Click the button below to visit the gift guide section featuring Lizbeth’s Garden. Be sure and find the exclusive coupon code for Lizbeth’s Garden, only in this gift guide. Also, there are 30 other awesome handmade stores in the gift guide, so check them out, too!

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Tuesday Treasure: Autumn

The weather is getting cooler, the kids are going back to school, autumn is in the air! At this time of year, I love to surround myself with the colors of the season — rich browns, ripe reds, glowing yellows, and deep oranges. I love the contrast between the crisp air and blue sky and the rich, earthy colors the land and plants take on.

Celebrate those beautiful colors with these lovely beaded tassels from Lizbeth’s Garden.

Screen Shot of Autumn Beaded Tassels from Lizbeth's Garden on EtsyClick the image to visit Lizbeth’s Garden and check out these tassels, as well as more seasonal items, like skull-themed tassels for Halloween, artisan potpourri, and engraved metal.

Emily: Supper #fiction

Emily groaned quietly, The supper table was just as chaotic as the great hall had been this morning.

Her father was quite plainly barmy — at this moment he seemed to think he was dining with an Indian rajah, her brother was eating with his fingers, surrounded by adoring dogs, and her mother was ignoring everything, alone at the foot of the table, concentrating on her food as though she were dining alone.

Emily decided she’d rather eat in silence than Bedlam, and picked up her plate and sat down next to her mother.

They ate together companionably. Emily noticed her mother never even blinked at the antics at the other end of the table, not even when her father jumped up on the table and began belting out a bawdy song at the top of his lungs, to the howling delight of the dogs.

Soon after that, her mother’s plate was clear. She laid her knife and fork neatly atop it. Emily decided she was also done, and did the same. Her mother rose and said, “Come upstairs with me, dear. I think we have much to discuss.”

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Tuesday Treasure: Lemon Lime Artisan Potpourri

Handcrafted in small batches, my lemon lime artisan potpourri smells absolutely delicious! Just like a fresh bouquet of flowers with lemonade nearby, you won’t believe how lovely it is.

Lemon Lime Citrus Artisan Potpourri

Lemon Lime Citrus Artisan Potpourri
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Summer Pet Peeve: Gasoline Motors on Yard Care Equipment

English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Fin...

English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Finnish garden. Suomi: John Deere -merkkinen ajoleikkuri puutarhassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gasoline motors on yard care equipment drives me batty. The waste of energy, the pollution, the noise, all just to trim the grass and clean up the clippings!

A reel mower and a rake can accomplish the exact same thing with a little bit more effort, and a lot less noise. Besides, it’s really better to leave the clippings on the grass to nourish it.

The other day, I saw a teenager cleaning the clippings off a newly mown lawn with a leaf blower! I cannot imagine a less efficient way to do the work!

Rant over. Thanks for humoring me.

Tuesday Treasure: Orange Pomander Artisan Potpourri

Image of Orange Pomander Artisan Potpourri

Orange Pomander Artisan Potpourri
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Have you ever tried making an orange pomander? It’s hard.

The traditional way is to stick cloves in an orange, and set to dry somewhere cool and dry. Rotate daily and wipe with a vinegar or bleach solution, to keep the mold away. Several months later, if you are lucky, you will have a yummy smelling orange pomander. That sounds like a lot of work.

The quick and easy way, the modern way, uses an oven. I tried this method a while back. I turned the oven to 250F, and I made 2 shallow slits in the orange, one on each side of the orange (to speed drying and for skewers). Then I stuck cloves in the orange. It was hard not to stick them so close that the holes ran together and the cloves fell out. I put the clove designs around the slits, too. Then I stuck the skewers through the slits and I laid the skewers across cake pans, trying to make sure the oranges didn’t touch the pans. I put them in the oven. I checked on them every half hour or so. Four or five hours later, the oranges seemed to have dried all the way through. The designs were ruined — the slits had opened up during baking. But I thought, well, I’ll keep them around, it’s not a bad first try. Better luck next time, right? Nope. There won’t be a next time, because within a week the pomanders were molding. Oops. I don’t want to waste more oranges.

But I’ll tell you what I did. I do know how to dry orange peel in an oven, so I took dried orange peel, and cloves, and a cinnamon stick, and I chopped, and I mixed, and I added orris root to keep it dry and tangerine essential oil to make it smell more citrus-y, and I let it all age in an old, clean jar for a few weeks. And it smells just like an orange pomander, so delicious and yummy, and it’s perfectly preserved. You can buy it in my Etsy shop. I did all the work for you, and there’s no danger of mold, and it will scent your room or car for you for a long time.

If oranges aren’t your thing, I have lots of other potpourris, like tropical pineapple and apple pie, just to name a couple, in the shop already, with more on the way.

Spring is Here!

I’ve been spending tons of time outdoors, getting the garden ready for summer. I also transplanted lots of celery starts today — hope they survive the treatment. And my napa cabbage is doing so well I had to thin it today. I can hardly believe I have to keep it indoors until the seedlings are 6 weeks old, but I am trying very hard this year not to do things too early — I lose too many starts that way, trusting the weather to hold, and it never does here in Idaho in the spring.

Celery Seedling Starts

Celery Seedlings

Napa Cabbage Seedling Starts

Napa Cabbage Seedlings

Tuesday Treasure: Artisan Potpourri

Artisan Potpourri is now available in Lizbeth’s Garden! Artisan Potpourri is a new line I’m starting — more than just dried flower petals and essential oils, each Artisan Potpourri is a concoction of dried fruit, flowers, and more to create a feast for your eyes and nose. I carefully select each ingredient, hand-mix them with essential oils, and let the aromas meld for a week. The first one is ready today, and it smells so yummy! Tropical Potpourri is a delicious mix of pineapple, orange and grapefruit peel, peony petals, spices, and essential oils — it smells like a fruit salad and is just as pretty!

Potpourri with dried pineapple, orange and grapefruit peel, peony petals, and more

Tropical Artisan Potpourri
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Wordless Wednesday: Summer

Pink Geraniums and Purple Pansies

Pink Geraniums and Purple Pansies

Bonus! Friday Feature plus Book Review: Winter Gardens

I just finished reading a fantastic gardening book, The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, by Niki Jabbour. I wish I had had this book years ago — it answers my most pressing garden questions and solves my problems. How can I extend my gardening season? (Answer: Read the book) Why do my root crops not make harvestable roots? (Answer: Too much nitrogen in the soil — I knew I had high nitrogen soil but not that it would make beets and sweet potatoes produce foliage & no tubers.) I am so excited for next year so I can get started on my year-round vegetable garden (it’s too late this year). And I also discovered that Ms. Jabbour has a blog companion to the book, The Year Round Veggie Gardener.

Besides tons of useful information, the book is chock-full of beautiful photographs, many of them of garden greens being harvested in the snow. The combination of green and white is stunning, and I was inspired to create an Etsy treasury of lovely green and white items from the Etsy DTeam.

‘Winter Gardening’ by lizbethsgarden

Leaves in the snow of the winter garden.

Teacher Gift. Gift …


Green Christmas orn…


Tribal acai earring…


Kimono clutch chevr…


Lime Green Polka Do…


Pearl and Leaf Earr…


Green Glass Decante…


Homemade Play Dough…


Fleabane -Small Dai…


Wire Wrapped ‘V…


Knitting Project Ba…


Crochet Summer Sun …


Custom Boutique Pet…


Clearance–Wool Fel…


Ceramic Keepsake Bo…


Whimsical Watermelo…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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