I read a fascinating article in The Economist today. Entitled The Staid Young, it pretty much describes the way I look at the world. I realized that my husband and I, when we were very frugal and not adventurous in college weren’t actually 50-60 years behind the times, we were more like 10 years ahead of our time. Which makes perfect sense, as our parents fit the description of the parents of the young people acting this way now — our parents were just raising kids this way 10 years earlier than these other parents.

Today’s young adults were thus raised by a generation of parents who had fewer children later in life, and took the process more seriously.

And what does this mean for this generation’s outlook on life and the world?

Faced with economic crisis, they prefer to put their heads down and push through, rather than try to find collective solutions. Perhaps this is progress. … A lack of political action does not mean no implications for the body politic. Young people tend to take their habits with them as they age, so as this generation grows up, problems in the past thought irreparable — crime, addiction, family breakdown — may diminish further.

Read the entire article. It is truly fascinating.

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