Movie Review: The Box Trolls

The Box Trolls is a sweet movie about little gremlins who live in tunnels underneath a town. Falsely maligned as baby snatchers by the town villain, they struggle to survive as the villain steals them away and the townspeople hate them. In the end, the (not stolen) orphan they adopted saves the day in a heartwarming ending.

I really liked this movie except for two things that make me never want to see it again. One, the villain is a cross-dresser and is portrayed in such a way as to make all cross-dressers and transgender people seem evil. Strike one for homophobia, strike two for stereotypes and cliches.

Two, the ending is absolutely disgusting and ruins the whole rest of the movie. Spoiler alert: the villain explodes, literally. Not shown on screen, but still stomach-turning. Strike three for something truly nasty and disgusting.

The movie is really clever in the way it incorporates our society’s current anxieties and concerns, including food allergies, gourmet food & foodies, child-rearing, homophobia, and more. It’s a real shame that homophobia and prejudice against people who differ from gender norms couldn’t have been addressed in the sweet and inclusive way that the rest of the movie exhibits.

And the ending just goes to show that some ideas really, really shouldn’t be taken to their logical conclusion. Sometimes, it’s better just to leave some things to the imagination, or end the movie in a different way.

Two stars. (It would be one star, but the rest of the movie {everything but the homophobia and the disgusting ending} is so sweet, it redeems one star)

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