Morning Rush: A Poem

Hurry and bustle
Rush all around
Getting ready for school
A rush, a hurry, a breath of spring

Rush all around
Mustn’t be late
A rush, a hurry, a breath of spring
Gather this, grab that

Mustn’t be late
Gather this, grab that
Hurry and bustle
Getting ready for school


Blue sky shining
Yellow flower blooming
Cool air gently blowing
Winter is over, spring is here.

Rain #poetry

Water gently spilling from the sky

Soft mist fills the trees
Thunder and lightning crash

Drops fall faster and faster
Mixed with ice chunks
Suddenly quiet — slow drops tumbling down

April Morning #poem

Cool gray morning

Streets shine in
The gleam of headlights

Green leaves open
Under the welcome

Spring Morning

Early morning haze
Rain smell, hiding sun behind
Fat water drops.

Tuesday Treasure: Spring Primrose

Spring is almost officially here (the Spring Equinox is this Friday, March 21) but we have already had several gorgeous spring-like days here.

In honor of spring, today I am sharing my engraved copper primrose.

Primrose Engraved Copper Charm Medallion

Primrose Engraved Copper Charm Medallion

Perfect for a bracelet, necklace, or keychain. I sell it on its own, but if you would like it attached to a chain, or a tassel, just let me know and I’ll make you a custom order. I also take requests for custom engraving.

Tuesday Treasure: Spring!

Spring is officially here tomorrow, and to celebrate I am showcasing a springtime ribbon rose tassel. These purple roses on the yellow and purple tassel remind me of a beautiful spring day with the spring flowers blooming. I love the iridescence of the tiny purple beads at the top of the tassel skirt, too.

Purple Roses on Yellow and Purple Tassel

Purple Roses on Yellow and Purple Tassel
{Click image to see the Etsy listing}


Tuesday Treasure: Beaded Scarf Tassel with Butterflies

Need something to perk up your clothing now that spring is coming? I have the perfect beaded tassel for you. Bright pink and orange, with happy silver butterflies floating on the beaded fringes, it is guaranteed to make you smile.

If you like it, please visit my Etsy shop to purchase it and see other beautiful and unique beaded tassels.

Spring Rain

Down come gentle drops
Sprinkling the soil, wetting
Leaves lifted
Up — sky’s gift
Falling on eager
Laughing child.

My Poetry Rally entry.

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