Do You Agree With Torture?

Warning: The article this blog post is based on is extremely disturbing and upsetting. Not suitable for young readers.

Barbed tape at a prison

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Do you agree with torture? I am certain you reply ‘No’, or consider it to be something that happens only outside the U.S or perhaps only to people whom the government needs information from. I do not condone it even then, but it is not confined solely to those circumstances.

Right here in the United States, in supermax prisons, are prisoners being kept in solitary confinement, beaten by guards when they are ‘extracted’ from the cells, and in general being treated as no sane person would treat a dog.

Inmates in solitary confinement are the ones who have trouble following the prison rules, and those are most likely to be the inmates with mental illness. And if they are not insane when they go in, they soon become so.

Solitary confinement is by far the worst torture in the supermax. Human minds fare poorly in isolation, which “often results in severe exacerbation of a previously existing mental condition or in the appearance of a mental illness where none had been observed before,” Stuart Grassian, a Boston psychiatrist and authority on solitary confinement, writes in a brief for the Madrid case. Grassian believes supermaxes produce a syndrome characterized by “agitation, self-destructive behavior, and overt psychotic disorganization.” He also notes memory lapses, “primitive aggressive fantasies,” paranoia, and hallucinations.
Americans Face Guantanamo-Like Torture Everyday in a Super-Max Prison Near You: Alternet


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