Tuesday Treasure: Be Kind Heart Keychain Tassel

Red Beaded Tassel Keychain or Purse Charm: Hearts for You -- Be Kind

Be Kind Heart {in sterling silver} Beaded Tassel Keychain
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Tuesday Treasure: Matching Valentine’s Tassels

These tassels are perfect for lovers. Two identical red beaded tassels, each with a key and a heart {You Hold the Key to my Heart} come tied together. The ribbon ties can be untied, and then each tassel can be carried separately. Perfect for surprise Valentine’s Day gifts.

Matching Red Beaded Love Tassels with Keys and Hearts

You Hold the Key to my Heart
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Tuesday Treasure: Pink Beaded Tassel with Hearts

Valentine’s Day is coming! Now is the time to purchase your beaded tassels for Valentine’s Day. Today I want to share my pink Valentine’s ornament tassel with you, beaded with dark pink glass hearts. This beautiful ornament will look gorgeous as the final topper on a wrapped present, or it makes a sweet gift all on its own. All tassels from my shop ship wrapped in purple felt, so you don’t even have to rewrap them if they are gifts.

Pink Beaded Valentine's Tassel with Glass Hearts

Fun New Craft Supplies

As the new year begins, I am planning my new tassel projects for this year. I went to the craft store today and bought some supplies for some beautiful art tassels.

Tassel Craft SuppliesThese are going to be bigger and better tassels like you’ve never seen before! Stay tuned for the results in a few months. (And, if it all works out right, I’m going to be making a line of tassel centerpieces based on these, too!)

Help me find a craft supply!

Help! Last summer, I bought some fabric-covered napkin rings at a garage sale. I (with a friend’s help) took the fabric off, and inside were plastic rings that open and close, kind of like a shower curtain ring. I would like to recover the rings with new fabric (with more help from my patient friend — can you tell I don’t sew very much?) and make more napkin rings, as well. The ultimate goal here is to be able to add tassels to these fabric-covered napkin rings and sell tassel napkin rings in my Etsy store. But I have a problem.

I only bought 8 napkin rings. So I only have one set of napkin rings to recover. (And to make matters even worse, when I took one of the napkin rings to a craft store to see if they sold something similar, the employee helping me managed to break that ring. So I actually only have 7 rings.)

Photo of a napkin ring that opens

This is a photo of what I am looking for: a napkin ring form that opens and closes? Do you know where I can find one?

I am absolutely positive that somewhere in the world, napkin rings that open and close and can be covered by fabric are being sold. (Besides at random garage sales in my city.) However, I cannot find that place. I have looked extensively online, I visited 2 craft stores and 1 big box store, and I cannot find them.

If you know where I can buy these, please tell me in the comments or email me. Thank you. {No spam, please. Serious comments only.}

I am willing to order online, both in the US and internationally. I am also willing to shop locally. I would like to spend no more than 50 cents to 1 dollar per ring, plus shipping. But I am willing to spend more, if necessary.

Tuesday Treasure: Huckleberry Love Handmade Gift Guide

Lizbeth’s Garden is featured in an awesome holiday gift guide, run by the lovely women blogging at Huckleberry Love. Click the button below to visit the gift guide section featuring Lizbeth’s Garden. Be sure and find the exclusive coupon code for Lizbeth’s Garden, only in this gift guide. Also, there are 30 other awesome handmade stores in the gift guide, so check them out, too!

Huckleberry Gift Guide Button

Tuesday Treasure: Skulls!

Halloween is coming, so the skulls have come to Lizbeth’s Garden!

Yellow ones from the tropics (they’ll be back in the spring to celebrate Mardi Gras if no one gives them a home before then)

Tropical Sugar Skull Beaded Keyring

Purple ones and turquoise ones from the desert

Purple Sugar Skull Beaded Tassel KeyringSouthwest Blue Sugar Skull Beaded Keyring

And pink ones for the girly girl

Pink Sugar Skull Beaded Tassel KeyringAnd many, many more skulls in Lizbeth’s Garden — traditional black and white, blue, more colors and not just on keyrings — earrings and brooches, too!

Tuesday Treasure: Christmas Ornament Preview

Every year, I make new Christmas ornaments to list in my Etsy store. I’m still listing my Halloween and autumn items, so the Christmas items are coming later this week or early next week, but I thought I’d share a few early pics of them:

Tropical Penguin Christmas Ornament Beaded Tassel Red Presents Beaded Tassel Christmas Ornament Vintage Glass Beaded Tassel Christmas Ornament

Tuesday Treasure: Pink Feather Keychain

I love making these feather keychains! I’ve made several, and people really seem to like them. I’m excited to share with you the latest color I’ve made:

Pink Feather Beaded Tassel Keychain

Pink Feather Beaded Tassel Keychain
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Tuesday Treasure: Autumn

The weather is getting cooler, the kids are going back to school, autumn is in the air! At this time of year, I love to surround myself with the colors of the season — rich browns, ripe reds, glowing yellows, and deep oranges. I love the contrast between the crisp air and blue sky and the rich, earthy colors the land and plants take on.

Celebrate those beautiful colors with these lovely beaded tassels from Lizbeth’s Garden.

Screen Shot of Autumn Beaded Tassels from Lizbeth's Garden on EtsyClick the image to visit Lizbeth’s Garden and check out these tassels, as well as more seasonal items, like skull-themed tassels for Halloween, artisan potpourri, and engraved metal.

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