Tuesday Treasure: Sale! And Purple Roses on Yellow Tassel

Celebrate spring and Easter with this lovely purple and yellow tassel.

I just realized today that I have just over 200 hearts in my Etsy shop! To celebrate, I am offering 15% off everything in my shop through tomorrow, April 4. Use coupon code 200HEARTS at checkout from Lizbeth’s Garden.

The purple and yellow tassel pictured to the left makes me think of Easter dresses, and Easter eggs, and having an Easter egg hunt in the crisp morning air of a springtime day. I remember the Easter egg hunts of my childhood in New Mexico, always in the front yard (because most of the backyard was sand and the little plots of grass in the backyard were always living too much on the edge of dying from no water to be walked on) and the sky was clear and a brilliant blue. The air was actually damp, often, which was a treat in the dry desert air. We ran around, finding the eggs under bushes and lying in the grass. Once, an egg was hidden in the fork of the tree trunk. Only once, because it was too high for us to reach and my brother tried to shimmy up the trunk holding his Easter basket. My dad lifted the egg down, instead.

I hope this tassel brings back your Easter memories, too.


Tuesday Treasure: Custom 2 Inch Tassel

Ever wanted your own special keyring or Christmas ornament? Maybe you need pillow tassels in the perfect colors to match your home? Now you can get your own beaded tassel in the colors you choose, with the beads you choose. Visit my Etsy shop and buy a custom 2 inch (5 cm) beaded tassel.


Custom Beaded Tassel Sample
Sample Tassel Only — You Select the Colors and Beads

Lizbeth’s Garden: Etsy Store is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starting Friday, November 26 and running through Monday, November 29. Sneak peeks of lowered prices start tomorrow, November 24.

For more information about my beaded tassels and other products, please see my Etsy store or the Craft Information page on this blog.

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