Wordless Wednesday: Roses

Pretty red striped rose with two budsRed and cream striped roses

Working Wednesday: Potpourri

Summertime is flower time, and that means it’s potpourri time!

Dried geranium petals and finished potpourri

Dried geranium petals and finished potpourri

In the foreground you can see the geranium petals ready to be removed from the stems and put away to absorb essential oil. In the background is bags of finished potpourri {from left to right: dark red roses, dark red geraniums, pink roses, pink geraniums, and more pink roses}.

This is posted in conjunction with the Idaho Etsy Team. Interested in more? The other Idaho Etsy Team members are linking up over on the team blog.

Wordless Wednesday: In My Garden

Opening Rosebud

Pink Rose in Bloom

Full Blown Rose

Blue Pansies

Lots of Pansies

Pink Geraniums and Purple Pansies

Tuesday Treasure: Black and Red for Valentine’s Day

Looking for something besides the usual red, pink, and white offerings of Valentine’s Day? How about black and red, instead?

Be sure and check out the rest of Lizbeth’s Garden for unique beaded tassels and more affordable luxury.

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