Mini Book Review: Highland Fling

I just wanted to say that I was wrong, I had not already read Highland Fling by Katie Fforde. It was another romance about a Scottish woolen mill that needed saving that I had read (which of course I cannot remember its title). I thoroughly enjoyed Highland Fling, however, and it was even plausible that the heroine would go off for a walk up a mountain in the snow on Christmas Day, thereby necessitating her rescue by the book’s hero. Which is (the plausibility) a good trick to pull off in a romance novel.

Back to remembering a title: I cannot for the life of me remember book titles, authors’ names, song titles, or artists’ names. I remember things about the books or songs, but never useful things that you can actually look up (what I remember about the book I cannot remember: the hero had black hair, the mill was at the bottom of a steep hill, and I think the hero’s name started with D. It’s possible that it was a Robin Pilcher novel, but I think there is a Robin Pilcher novel that fits the bill and there is yet another novel that is the one I am thinking of. This is why I make lists of books and authors — I can never remember enough to remember which book I want to read.) This is one of the reasons I started this blog — if I liked it enough to review it, I might want to remember it someday. Will I be able to search the blog and find it? I’ve never had to find out.


Tuesday Treasure: The Key to My Heart Tassels

I am busily making lots and lots of Valentine’s tassels for my shop and the gallery where they are shown. I just love this pair I listed yesterday. Sold as a pair, each tassel has a key on the front and a tiny heart on the back. I love them tied together, as shown in the photo, as symbols of everlasting love, but they can also be untied. Separate, each partner in a relationship can take them and keep them to remind them of the love they and their partner share.

Each tassel is 2 inches (5 cm) long of variegated dark red pearl cotton thread with satin ribbon hangers and topped with a red fabric rose, symbol of romantic love.

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Book Review: Love Letters

Love Letters, by Katie Fforde, is a sweet story of a shy bookstore clerk, Laura, meeting her favorite author and falling in love with him. The story is improbable at times, as it relies on happenstance and Laura’s amazing ability to suddenly be in just the right place at just the right time, but also believable. Who among us has not managed to be right there, in the moment, at the right moment?

I was rooting for Laura, as she navigates the tricky waters of overcoming her shyness and finding a new job after the bookstore where she works closes, along with meeting and persuading her favorite author to come to the literary festival she has fallen into organizing.

A good book, with a believable romance, yet not cheesy. I liked it very much. I wish I could read Ms. Fforde’s books as soon as they come out, but since she is a UK writer and I am in the US, I think that is not to be. I see on her website that she has a new book out in the UK, and her preceding book is now available in hardcover in the US. I read the one before that, Love Letters, in paperback from my library’s new book section. I sense a long wait before me for her other books.

Five out of five stars.


That night changed it
All — she had never been
The same — never could be — that girl
Was gone — lost in someone else’s anger
But maybe a new innocence
Could be found, forged in love
And forgiveness

Written for Daily Writing Practice. Posted here for Poetry Potluck.

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On a table
For two — white cloth, candles,
Roses. The scene is set, it’s time.
The two enter a meal of soft glances,
Ending in a question and ring.
She says yes, crying for joy.
They smile at the

This is an old poem I originally wrote March 22, 2010, for Daily Writing Practice. I’m posting it today for Monday Poetry Potluck, prompt Food, Drink, and Indulgence.

This Week’s Reading

This week is all easy reading, from romance novels to short stories by Rosamunde Pilcher to Maeve Binchy, doyenne of Irish fiction. I love the library book sale and the inexpensive books I get there. I love the library, too, but then I have to return the books.

Fired UpJayne Ann Krentz — finished
Snare of Serpents — Victoria Holt — finished
Flash — Jayne Ann Krentz — finished
Flowers in the Rain — Rosamunde Pilcher — finished
Dazzle — Judith Krantz — not going to finish
The Lilac Bus, Firefly Summer, Silver Wedding (Three Complete Books) — Maeve Binchy — I read these years ago, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to own them all in one volume. — Lilac Bus, finished

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