Sunday Service: Forgiveness

Grocery store roses

Image by katiescrapbooklady via Flickr

I know, it’s Monday, and Monday evening at that. But forgiveness takes a lot of thinking on, and the minister of my church ran a small group discussion/ministry tonight that I wanted to attend before writing about forgiveness.

How do you define forgiveness? I usually think of forgiveness as being a ‘big thing.’ But, as was pointed out to me this evening, it can also be a small, everyday thing. When you bump into someone at the grocery store, and say ‘Excuse me,’ and the other person says ‘That’s okay,’ that’s forgiveness.

Is it possible to move on from a wrong done to you without forgiveness? What is it like to forgive? What is it like to live without forgiving? Forgiveness is about not allowing yourself to be defined as a victim. Are you a victim forevermore if you do not forgive? Can you live a life in the present and the future, instead of the past, without forgiveness?

These questions are not ones to which I need you to tell me the answers. Rather, they are questions I often ask myself, and now I am presenting them to you, so you can think about them, too.

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