Tuesday Treasure: Neon Wedding Tassels

Neon Thread Tassels

Neon Wedding Tassels
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Add a touch of elegance to your wedding with a beautiful tassel! Now available in neon colors — pink, yellow, green, or blue
— to match your wedding colors {other colors are also available}.

What can you do with tassels at your wedding? (Different tassel tops are available for different uses, from keychains to hanging cord to ear wires and more)

  • give to your bridesmaids (bridesmaid gift)
  • give to your guests (wedding favor)
  • add to your hair
  • add to your bouquet (wrap hanging cord around your bouquet, or add to the flowers themselves)
  • wrap hanging cord around napkins (napkin rings)
  • add to table centerpieces
  • shoe tassels
  • clip to your purse or clutch
  • clip to a chain: necklace
  • buy two: exchange with your beloved
  • buy two: wear as earrings





Tassels in A handbook of ornament (1898)

Tassels in A handbook of ornament (1898) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was researching tassels online, and I came across a term I was unfamiliar with, passementerie. It turns out that I have been practicing this art for years now without realizing it. Passementerie is the art of turning threads into decorative cords, trims, fringes, and tassels. The tassels I have been making for years are considered soft tassels.

Traditional decorative tassels have usually been formed around a mold to create the head, with a separate skirt added to create the fringe. The hanger at the top is the cord, and there may be netting or other thread added to hide the join between the skirt and the head, called the ruff.

I have been planning to create an elaborate tassel to enter into the regional state fair in my area, and I have a lot of new ideas for this project from this!

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