Book in Progress: A Crimson Warning

I am in the middle (literally) of reading A Crimson Warning by Tasha Alexander, and I can hardly put it down. A true page-turner, I am regretting the fact that I cannot possibly stay up late enough to finish it. I am too old and have too many obligations each morning, tomorrow especially.

I believe that Ms. Alexander has written books about her heroine, Lady Emily, before, although I have not read them. I think I will search them out at the library this coming weekend.

The only quarrel I have with the book (and it is a minor one, and one I have with all similar books, although I love the genre), is that Lady Emily seems to have rather more freedom than was typically accorded women of her time and class (upper class in the late 19th century England). Now, she makes no bones of the fact that this is not easy for her, ignoring the strictures of Society, but I’m not so sure that her degree of freedom was really even possible. I would love some more information on just how restricted upper class and elite women were in late 19th century England. I have not yet done the research myself due to time constraints.

I hope to expand upon this brief review once I have actually finished the book.

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