To my Triberr Friends — I want to leave, but Triberr won’t let me

Dear Triberr Friends,

TLDR: Drop me from your tribes — it’s only fair.

You all are amazing. You work so hard at Triberr, making sure that everyone in your tribes gets shared. Here’s the thing. I can’t work that hard — I don’t have the time, and worrying about whether or not I was sharing enough, and blogging enough high-quality posts to justify being shared, and whether or not I was getting enough views on each post was just so much WORK! And it spoiled blogging for me, so I took an extended break. I didn’t even mean to take such a long break, I just didn’t write and I didn’t post. Now I’m back to writing, and it feels good. And I’m blogging again, and it feels good, too, getting my words out to people, even if it is just a few people. But I can’t go back to Triberr — it’s just too much time and worry for me. And I’m sorry, because you all are amazing people.

But there’s another thing. I firmly believe I shouldn’t be shared if I’m not going to share in return. So I have tried twice to quit Triberr and delete my account. I can’t leave Triberr — it won’t let me delete my account. I try, and nothing happens. It’s like the Hotel California: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” And I don’t have time to try and track down a Triberr admin and explain the problem, and get it fixed. I really don’t have the time. I’m writing this blog post while I ought to be doing at least 3 other things, one of which people actually pay me to do. So I’m feeling really guilty about all the lovely Twitter shares that are showing up in my inbox, so I’m writing you all, my Triberr friends, this letter.

I don’t know another way to reach all of you and tell you that it’s okay if you drop me from your tribes, and leave my tribe. I’m not giving you what I should, so you don’t have to give me anything. I miss you all, and I miss reading your amazing posts. But it’s better this way. I’ll see you around some time, ‘kay? Lizbeth


Good morning!

I have neglected this blog far too long, but I felt like writing this morning and so bring you this quick sketch of a poem:

Early morning light
Glows pink on sidewalk and dog
Showing the mundane at its best.


Also, I will be leaving triberr. I have come to the conclusion that it made blogging a chore and made me examine every post for the number of views it might gather. And while views are all well and good, and publicizing others is all well and good, I started this blog to share writing that makes my mind sing, and that’s what I’m going back to. I want people to share this blog because it makes *their* mind sing, too, not because it showed up in their feed and they feel they have to.

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