Friday Feature: MissTanDesigns

It has been a very long time (almost 6 months) since I did a Friday Feature. I decided to kick the series off by revisiting an Etsy store that I first visited when I first started this series, back in 2010. MissTanDesigns has come a long way since that last feature.

Check out some of her new necklaces:

Believe Cross Dome Necklace by MissTanDesigns on Etsy

Believe Cross Necklace by MissTanDesigns on Etsy
{Click to view Etsy listing}


Yin Yang Necklace by MissTanDesigns on Etsy

Yin Yang Necklace by MissTanDesigns on Etsy
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She also carries greeting cards:

I Treasure Your Time greeting card

I Treasure Your Time greeting card
{Click to view Etsy listing}

I hope you enjoyed your visit to MissTanDesigns!

Tuesday Treasure: Pastel Bird Earrings

These sweet little earrings are just the thing for your ears for late spring and early summer. The mother of pearl birds hover with pale green glass beads over the pale pink and green tassels. The sterling silver clip earrings are perfect for sensitive ears. {Other ear wires or clips are available upon request.}

Pink and Green Bird Tassel Clip Earrings

{Click on image to view Etsy listing}

Tuesday Treasure: Design Your Own Tassel

Have a particular tassel in mind and don’t see it in my store? Then perhaps you would like to design your own tassel. I offer 2 different options.

A. Custom Design: Pick your color, pattern, and number of colors, and the tassel top and I will choose the beads to match.

Custom Design Your Own Beaded Tassel

Custom Design Your Own Beaded Tassel: $10
{Click the image to see the Etsy listing}

B. Design Your Own Beaded Tassel: Pick thread colors, fringe beads, finial beads, and top.

Design Your Own Beaded Tassel

Design Your Own Beaded Tassel: $25
{Click the image to see the Etsy listing}

Tuesday Treasure: Wire Ojo Pendant

God's Eyes

God's Eyes (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

Do you know what an ojo is? (I see by a quick search that the official name is ojo de Dios, but we always just called them ojos where I grew up.) It is a little home decoration made of yarn and wood. They are meant to protect the maker from evil spirits.

I learned how to make these in school in New Mexico, and I always thought they were pretty, but I never got good enough to make the really complicated ones (like in the picture to the left).

But the other day, I was playing with wire at my worktable, trying to solve a design problem for a new product (that’s still a secret!). Soon I realized that I could use my very thin wire for wrapping and some thicker wire for the supports, and I could make an ojo from wire!

Ojo Pendant: Wire God's Eye for Necklace

Wire Ojo de Dios

I finished this one with blue beads and wire wrapped loops, so it is very strong and secure for wearing as a pendant on a necklace. {I will be making more soon with purple beads for a mobile or hanging sculpture.)

This project has been a lot of fun, taking a skill from my childhood and turning it into something new and interesting.

Don’t forget, my Zibbet store is full of paper and metal creations for you.

Friday Feature: The Day After The Snow: A Handmade Craft Treasury

Yesterday we had a big snowstorm here, and woke up to three inches of snow. Today the sun is out, and the brilliant blue sky is shining above the sparkling white snow. Inspired, I made an Etsy treasury, a collection of handmade crafts, to celebrate this beautiful day. Every item in the collection is blue, white, or both. The treasury includes a greeting card, hand-carved buttons, jewelry, a beaded tassel, and more. Enjoy!

‘The Day After the Snowstorm’ by lizbethsgarden

The day after the snowstorm is brilliantly clear with a bright blue sky and sparkling white snow.

Holiday Card, Best …


Crystal snowflake o…


Plus Size hypoaller…


Upcycled Bottle Coz…


Blue Snowflake Orna…


Ceramic Cross Rosar…


Cosmetic bag/Sugar …


Mesh Slouch Hat in …


Blue Cotton Fabric …


Handmade Ceramic Bu…


Feather hair extens…


Coffee Mug Cozy – B…


Nittany Lion Paw Ne…


Blue Wedding Beaded…


White Mum Flower Fe…


Felted Blue Purse w…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Friday Feature: Forest Walk

Take a walk in the forest with these fabulous Etsy items:

‘A Walk in the Forest’ by lizbethsgarden

Inspired by the forest green beads (item #3), this treasury is like a walk in a dark, pine forest.

Sparkel green bead


Forest Green Wool C…


Polymer Clay Wrap F…


Ginkgo Leaf Beads, …


Cloth Napkins, Crac…


Animals in Nature B…


Green Pine Forest E…


Eurynome- Grecian g…


Guitar Pick Necklac…


Handmade Beaded Nec…


Wednesday Bead Brac…


Holly Berry Bead Cr…


Ceramic pendant ant…


Green, black feathe…


Olive Green and Cha…


Butter Yellow Chrys…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Ordering Custom Medallions from Lizbeth’s Garden

Do you ever look at the copper medallions in Lizbeth’s Garden and wonder how to order one for yourself?

{I already wrote a post on custom beaded tassels. Future posts will cover custom orders from my other stores on Zibbet and Wedding Bliss Lane.}

Lizbeth’s Garden

Custom Medallions

      1. Do you want a stamped or engraved medallion?
      2. Will you buy an existing custom listing? This is best if you only want one medallion and are satisfied with the shape and size of what I have on hand. All existing listings use copper medallions. {Click the image to be taken to the listing in my Etsy shop}


        Click the image to be taken to the custom listing in my shop and follow the directions in the listing OR
      3. Contact me with the details of the medallion(s) you want:
        • size
        • shape
        • metal (silver, sterling silver, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, anodized aluminum {in red, black, or gold})
        • what you want on the medallion (allow 1/8 inch per letter = approximately 8 characters per 1 inch or 25 mm) {I reserve the right to reject orders for offensive wording}

        {Warning: not all sizes and/or shapes are available in every metal! I will work with you to make sure you are happy with your medallion!}

      4. If you followed step 2 (buying a custom listing for a single medallion), I will make your medallion and ship it to you. If you are ordering more than one medallion or following step 3, go to step 5.
      5. I send you a cost estimate and (if you followed step 3) photos. I require a deposit of 50% (not including shipping) if the estimated cost is over $15 or I need to order materials. This deposit is non-refundable.
      6. You approve price and/or photos.
      7. If a deposit is required, I will either send you an invoice or make a reserved Etsy listing for you, depending on your preference.
      8. When I receive payment of the deposit, I will make a medallion and send you photos. Upon your approval of the photos, I will invoice you again or create another reserved Etsy listing for you for the balance of payment, including shipping. Payment must be received within 2 weeks of invoice (or listing creation) or the order is canceled.
      9. When I receive payment of the balance, I will complete your order and ship your medallions.

If you have questions, or to place an order, please contact me or visit my Etsy store. I accept both Google Wallet and PayPal. If you are curious about the quality of my work, you can read the feedback from customers in my Etsy store.

Tuesday Treasure: The Story of the Irish Keyring

I love this keyring. I think it is my favorite item in my whole store. I smile every time I see it.

A long time ago, before I started beading tassels, I ventured into a bead store. I don’t even remember what I wanted to make, but I came out with lots of cheap plastic pony beads, some cool glass beads, and a malachite heart. I love malachite, especially carved malachite, and I fell in love with this tiny little heart.

But I had nothing to make with this heart, and it sat in my bead drawer for years. Every once in a while, I’d pull it out and stare at it, but I never did dream up a project to use it in.

Until I started beading tassels, and I picked up at the bead store (not the same one) some neat jadeite green glass hearts. I decided to use them in a keyring. I combined them with a green tassel and cream and green seed beads (I love the stripey effect here). On  most of my tassels, all the fringes are the same and the back is symmetrical with the front. But as I started the back of this keyring, I thought it would be fun to add a little surprise on this tassel. At the top of one of the back fringes, I added my little malachite heart.

Some day, this tassel will sell, and it will go to someone else’s home. I hope that when that day comes, it goes to someone who loves it and the little malachite heart as much as I do.

Friday Feature: JudysDesigns

From her Etsy shop:

JudysDesigns on Etsy specializes in handmade beaded fashion jewelry using organic, eco-friendly elements as well as forged items in copper, sterling and brass. Many are one of a kind.

Be sure and visit JudysDesigns on Etsy, she has much more gorgeous jewelry in stock!




And don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

Tuesday Treasure: Pastel Bird Earrings

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? These earrings are perfect for the mom without pierced ears. Each earring is a pink and green 1 inch (2.5 cm) tassel beaded with a mother of pearl bird and tiny green glass beads.

Your mom will love these tassel earrings, and you’ll love them, too, because you won’t have to wrap it! They arrive rolled in felt, which protects them from tangling during shipping and also makes an awesome gift wrap. A gift box will also be included in the order.

Be sure and check out the rest of my Etsy shop for more clip earrings and beautiful beaded tassels, and more (like rose potpourri and custom copper medallions).

Also visit About My Crafts on this blog and my Facebook page.

PS I apologize for the day-lateness of this post. I was having computer troubles yesterday.

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