Fall Gardening: Putting the Garden to Bed

Rake in Fallen LeavesAfter I hurt my hand in the summer, I really didn’t do much gardening for the rest of the summer, although I did harvest the tender veggies earlier in the fall, as the frosts began. So the garden has been getting pretty raggedy-looking. This month, it seems I have either felt sick and the weather has been lovely, or I have felt fine and the weather has been miserable.

This weekend was lovely, and the garden center warned that the snow was coming today, so all the tender plants, like roses, needed to be put to bed for the winter. Since Saturday afternoon, I have spent 6 hours in the yard, and I have nearly accomplished all the tasks that must be done before the snow falls. The storm isn’t here yet, so I hope to get out more today and finish those few tasks. There is more to be done, but there will be a few more nice days before it gets really cold, so I’ll have a few more work sessions in November.

So far I have:

  • deep-watered the trees
  • raked the leaves
  • put rose collars on the roses
  • cleared out the vegetable beds and the over-grown front bed
  • laid leaves over the vegetable beds and the roses
  • emptied the pots of annuals
  • brought tender, potted perennials, including the geraniums, indoors
  • cleared the leaves off the deck
  • cleaned out my deck greenhouse and latched it
  • folded the deck furniture & coiled the hoses, in preparation for winter storage

I still need to:

  • fertilize trees & shrubs
  • trim grass edges of the front hedge
  • cut back irises
  • empty the last containers of annuals
  • wrap containers of overwintering perennials (blueberries & hostas)
  • cover winter veggies that will overwinter*
  • plant sedums*
  • put away summer furniture & hoses
  • harvest herbs*

The * items are the ones I must absolutely do before the snow — hopefully I can get to it before the snow comes.


Tuesday Treasure: Autumn

The weather is getting cooler, the kids are going back to school, autumn is in the air! At this time of year, I love to surround myself with the colors of the season — rich browns, ripe reds, glowing yellows, and deep oranges. I love the contrast between the crisp air and blue sky and the rich, earthy colors the land and plants take on.

Celebrate those beautiful colors with these lovely beaded tassels from Lizbeth’s Garden.

Screen Shot of Autumn Beaded Tassels from Lizbeth's Garden on EtsyClick the image to visit Lizbeth’s Garden and check out these tassels, as well as more seasonal items, like skull-themed tassels for Halloween, artisan potpourri, and engraved metal.

Sunday Surprise: Cooling the Flames

More cool items from the Etsy DTeam:

‘Cooling the flames’ by lizbethsgarden

A collection of items from the Etsy D-Listers

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Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Return to the Garden

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Sh...

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Shouping, Qing Dynasty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have sadly neglected my garden for the last month or so. But today I finally had time to go in and trim the flower bed edges, do some weeding, and check on my veggies. The first tomatoes are coming soon, the pumpkins have survived the neglect, and everything generally looks pretty good.

The Siberian irises are blooming, which is wonderful since they didn’t bloom last year, and the pinks under the box elder look lovely (their first year in bloom after transplanting). I hope that the peonies bloom next year (I planted them last year), and I hope the lavender blooms soon.

I think the added phosphorus fertilizer has really helped with the summer blooming, and I hope it helps with next spring’s, too! (I didn’t know about it in time to help the spring bloom this year.) Thanks Town & Country Gardens!

It was so relaxing just to pull weeds and clip grass. I am still enjoying using my new grass clipper (the old one, almost 5 years old, broke irrevocably a few weeks ago), although I wish I could get enough leverage to close the blades without my hand as far back on the handles as possible.

Everything looks much, much better. I hope I can tackle the front yard tomorrow or Wednesday.

Child-Proofing Your Home

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg

Image via Wikipedia

We’ve all heard the joke, “I child-proofed my house, but they keep getting in!” (Not my words, but I don’t know the source. If you do, let me know so I can provide attribution.)

That’s not the kind of child-proofing I want to talk about. I want to talk about the kind that keeps our children from injuring themselves, our belongings, and our homes when they are small.

First of all, what kind of child do you have (or are expecting)? All children need a bare minimum of child-proofing (outlet plugs, I’m thinking of you) but the more curious and exploration-minded your child, the more you will have to child-proof. And children gradually outgrow the need for most child-proofing (like latches on every single cupboard).

Disclaimer: The advice provided here is meant strictly for informational purposes. Please read all product information carefully and use it as designed. I am not affiliated with any companies making or selling child-proofing devices. Consult an expert if you are uncertain.

Continue below the fold for details on each major area of child-proofing.


Friday Feature: Fun DTeam Items

There’s something for everyone in this treasury of items from the Etsy DListers:

‘Fun Selections from the DTeam’ by lizbethsgarden

A great collection of items from the Etsy DListers team.

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Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Tuesday Treasure: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up on June 19! Don’t worry, there’s still time for you to get Dad the perfect gift, and Lizbeth’s Garden is here to help.

Be sure and check out the rest of Lizbeth’s Garden for lots more gifts and home decor items. While you’re there, be sure and visit the sale section for deals up to 50% off!

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I had a really cool post for today

But I don’t think I can put it up, ethically. So instead, you get a post on why you can’t see that other post. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I saw a while ago, somewhere online (I don’t remember where, but I don’t think they’d appreciate a link in light of what I’m about to tell you) a picture of a hanging shoe organizer filled with plants, a mini-hanging garden. I thought, Wow, that’s a great idea. I want to make one.

So I did. And then I had an even better idea. I’d take pictures and write a how-to post for all of you. And the project turned out great, and the photos turned out great, and I got them edited, even with the old version of iPhoto on this computer I’m borrowing.

And then, last night, I found the hanging garden on the ground after a day of heavy wind. I thought, Okay, I can still write the post. That was some nasty wind we had today. I’ll put it back up, and everything will be fine.

Nope. I went out this morning, and it was on the ground again. We didn’t even have very much wind in the night. Okay, not much wind for around here. It was probably blowing 10 mph. Just a gentle breeze, right? /end_heavy_sarcasm

The plants are looking squashed. Right now, I have the whole thing laid out on the ground flat, but I think I’ll be transferring them to pots in the next few days.

So, in good conscience, I don’t feel I can tell you all how to do this project, even if it does look really cool. Because it’s not as sturdy as one would hope, and I would hate to be the cause of even more crushed plants. :(

The Bedroom

Surrounded by laundry baskets and tiny clothes
We live in here, laugh here, cuddle under the spread
This bedroom is more than walls for a bed.

You can find a rattle behind the door,
Picture books in the nightstand drawer,
Surrounded by laundry baskets and tiny clothes.

Tears for our sick babies, make-up cuddles
Post-fight, little girls snuggling in the morning,
We live in here, laugh here, cuddle under the spread.

In this safe place, sanctified by years together,
We here cement our love and our family.
This bedroom is more than walls for a bed.

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