Leafless Tree

Tall and proud against
The sky, lifting its branches
Despite threat of snow

Spring Morning

Early morning haze
Rain smell, hiding sun behind
Fat water drops.

Haiku: Summer Storm #poetry

A breeze, a roll of
Thunder, the patter of rain
Summer’s heat, broken.

In the long grass #poem #haiku

Dead feather bundle
Dried under the deck, fragile
Sightless eyes and beak.

Why I should trim the grass in my backyard more often.

Hurry: A Haiku

This is how I have felt today:

Pressed for time, always
Hurrying from place to place
No restful pausing

Five Minutes: A Haiku

In just five minutes
The whole world can change Crash! and
Nothing is the same.

Summer Heat

Hot summer day, so hot
I think I shall melt into
My bowl of sherbert.

For Poetry Potluck, though I am off-theme. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway.


Arching through the sky
A band of bright colors brings
Hope to the dark land.

Posted at Write With Pictures and for Monday Poetry Potluck.

A haiku for spring

snow on tulip bud
palingenesis awaits
the late melting frost

I thought a little spring would be nice in the middle of winter. To see the photo that inspired this haiku, please visit Write With Pictures.


Hole in grassy bank
Sleek brown length gliding away
Muskrat’s on the prowl

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