I was waiting for this

Summer field in Belgium (Hamois). The blue flo...

A mown hayfield bordered by wildflowers Image via Wikipedia

Well, not this, exactly, but for inspiration. And it has found me. It came in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Google Alerts, but I can’t shake the feeling that it was meant for me. It’s a new book of poetry out, God, Seed: Poetry and Art About the Natural World and the authors blogged about on Tikkun Daily over the weekend.

It is a collaboration between two women, drawings and poems about the natural world and the damage humans are creating. I have been thinking about this very topic lately, in relation to the land my town is built on and in, but no more than a line or two are floating through my head of yet.

It feels like this book, this blog post, were created just for me, to answer the questions I have been asking and set me to asking new questions.

When you visit the blog entry, please read all the way through so you may also savor the poems and illustrations they have excerpted from the book.

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