Food Safety Tips

English: Template for Template:Food safety

English: Template for Template:Food safety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was recently sent some food safety tips to share with my blog readers. These tips are from Compliance and Safety, a company creating safety and training DVDs for the workplace. I’ve excerpted the ones I thought most useful, the rest can be read here.

Always wash your hands and, if needed, the food in question (even if it looks clean!).

  • Use clean water to rinse of fruits and vegetables which don’t need peeled.
  • Wash each lettuce leaf and grape pod individually.
  • Use soap and water for those which will be peeled.
  • Always wash all surfaces, utensils, and cutting boards that came in contact with raw meat and fish.

Keep sinks and counters clean, as clean as possible at all times.

Beware cross-contamination. Keep raw and cooked foods apart. Food safety must always be a priority.

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