Out-of-this-world-good Lemonade

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 organic lemons

8 cups water
1/2 cup sugar

Peel the lemons, removing as much white fiber (under the peel) as possible. Dice the peeled lemons. Remove as many seeds as you can. Place the lemons in a pitcher. Fill pitcher with water. Put pitcher in refrigerator for 24 hours. The next day, add sugar and stir. Yum!

Box Tops For Education: A Sneaky Ploy to Sell More Expensive Food

I’ve always seen those box tops on packaged food — you know, the special little dashed line boxes that say ‘Cut here and give to your school for money’. You’re supposed to cut it out and give it to your nearest school and then the school earns money from the manufacturer for things at school. And I always felt all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that the manufacturer cared about kids.

No. That’s not how it works. I no longer feel warm and fuzzy about box tops. In fact, I feel very, very angry. Because it turns out that the kids are made to hold contests to see who can bring in the most box tops and they get prizes, like candy, when they bring in completed sheets of paper filled with box tops. Each sheet has 20 spots for box tops on it. That is an incredible amount of prepared food.

So the kids are saying things like ‘Mommy, buy more of [food we don’t buy] so I can get a prize!’ And of course parents want to make their kids happy, but not by buying food they don’t need or want, because they buy generic brands to save money and cook from scratch to be healthy. It’s all a ploy to get families to buy food they wouldn’t otherwise buy, under the guise of helping kids. It’s disgusting, really.

If you are one of the families that can actually afford to buy name brand foods on a regular basis and/or you live somewhere where the healthy foods on the list are actually sold (which is not the case in my area, for example, we can’t get Green Giant brand fresh produce here) and these box tops don’t cause you angst and anxiety, then I apologize if I have offended you with this rant.

Goodbye Sonoma Sparkler, I hardly knew you

Last month, I discovered an amazing new soda, Sonoma Sparkler, that is so yummy. I have tried the lemonade and the apple flavors. They are organic, and made by the same company that makes Reed’s Ginger Sodas. The label says they are made by a wine and cider maker. Delicious!

But don’t get too excited, they are only on the discontinued shelf of the shop where I found them. The clerks there say they just didn’t sell. But they are so yummy, I cry. No hope, they say, they just don’t move.

I went online, checked the manufacturer’s website. There is one other store in town that sells their products. Dare I hope that they sell the Sparklers? I doubt it — it is a full-service grocery, not likely to carry a small brand of delicious soda that tastes like melting sunlight on my tongue.

They don’t seem to sell retail, only wholesale. If I owned a store, I’d be on their wholesale list so fast, you couldn’t say boo. But I don’t have a store, so I’m out of luck.

My last hope is a blog post, sent into the void of the Internet. Will I ever taste the Sonoma Sparkler again (I drank my last bottle tonight)? Perhaps the store has not yet sold out. Perhaps someday I will visit Sonoma. Perhaps I will find a way to get Sonoma Sparklers in Idaho. I can only hope.


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