Wordless Wednesday: Trillium

Montana Trillium by Suzy Cogliati

This week I am going to say something. This photo was taken in the northern Montana woods by my mother-in-law, Suzy. I love her photographs. And there is a spider in the picture too. Can you spot it?

Tuesday Treasure: Spring!

Spring is officially here tomorrow, and to celebrate I am showcasing a springtime ribbon rose tassel. These purple roses on the yellow and purple tassel remind me of a beautiful spring day with the spring flowers blooming. I love the iridescence of the tiny purple beads at the top of the tassel skirt, too.

Purple Roses on Yellow and Purple Tassel

Purple Roses on Yellow and Purple Tassel
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Tuesday Treasure: Artisan Potpourri

Artisan Potpourri is now available in Lizbeth’s Garden! Artisan Potpourri is a new line I’m starting — more than just dried flower petals and essential oils, each Artisan Potpourri is a concoction of dried fruit, flowers, and more to create a feast for your eyes and nose. I carefully select each ingredient, hand-mix them with essential oils, and let the aromas meld for a week. The first one is ready today, and it smells so yummy! Tropical Potpourri is a delicious mix of pineapple, orange and grapefruit peel, peony petals, spices, and essential oils — it smells like a fruit salad and is just as pretty!

Potpourri with dried pineapple, orange and grapefruit peel, peony petals, and more

Tropical Artisan Potpourri
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Tuesday Treasure: Pressed Pansies

Pressed pansies are back in Lizbeth’s Garden store! This year I am listing them by size. After they are all listed in the store, there will be tiny, small, medium, large, and extra large pansies in the store, in many colors. Yesterday, I listed the small pansies. Today, I will list the medium pansies. They should be all listed by the end of the week.

These pansies are perfect for crafting, or for home decor. Use in collages, scrapbooks, or decoupage. Or display in a pretty glass jar or bowl, or add to potpourri.

Pressed pansies

Pressed pansies
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Return to the Garden

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Sh...

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Shouping, Qing Dynasty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have sadly neglected my garden for the last month or so. But today I finally had time to go in and trim the flower bed edges, do some weeding, and check on my veggies. The first tomatoes are coming soon, the pumpkins have survived the neglect, and everything generally looks pretty good.

The Siberian irises are blooming, which is wonderful since they didn’t bloom last year, and the pinks under the box elder look lovely (their first year in bloom after transplanting). I hope that the peonies bloom next year (I planted them last year), and I hope the lavender blooms soon.

I think the added phosphorus fertilizer has really helped with the summer blooming, and I hope it helps with next spring’s, too! (I didn’t know about it in time to help the spring bloom this year.) Thanks Town & Country Gardens!

It was so relaxing just to pull weeds and clip grass. I am still enjoying using my new grass clipper (the old one, almost 5 years old, broke irrevocably a few weeks ago), although I wish I could get enough leverage to close the blades without my hand as far back on the handles as possible.

Everything looks much, much better. I hope I can tackle the front yard tomorrow or Wednesday.

Tuesday Treasure: Dried Daffodils Now Available!

Every year, my daffodils pop up and bloom. And I pick a few of them and I dry them for my Etsy store. Once they sell, there won’t be any more daffodils in my shop until next spring. So get ’em while you can!

Dried Yellow Daffodils with the light shining on them

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One of the daffodils was damaged slightly in the drying process — it’s just as beautiful as the others, but I am offering it at half price due to the damage to its petals.

Damaged Dried Yellow Daffodil

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Tuesday Treasure: Celebrate Red Rose Day

Today is Red Rose Day, and I have been featured in a treasury in honor of it.

‘Red Rose Day-June 12’ by wcuster

Inspired by lizbethsgarden’s tassel and includes 6 other Idaho Etsy teammates.

Red Roses on White …


10 Red Roses Artifi…


Crocheted cotton bl…


40% off Sale on Now…


Red Rose Cake Truff…


Flower Wrist Cuffs …


Paris Pinup Girl Re…


SALE Red Rose Crims…


Vintage 1970’s …


Small Red Rose Ring…


Classic Red Rose Br…


Personalized Wine G…


Vintage Turquoise B…


Small Red Glitter R…


Red Rose Earrings


Infant Hat-Leopard …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

To see close-ups of the handmade items, click the treasury image. You will be taken to the Etsy treasury where you can click to see each item.

Coming Soon to Lizbeth’s Garden on Etsy

Handmade Flower Engraved Copper Medallions!

Copper medallion engraved with a primrose.

Tuesday Treasure: Blue Hyacinth

This gorgeous dried hyacinth sprig will look stunning in a crystal vase in your room. The petals were dark blue originally, but the drying process brought out light blue highlights along the edge of each petal. Lovely!

Be sure and check out the rest of my Etsy shop for more dried flowers and beautiful beaded tassels and other handcrafted items.

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On a table
For two — white cloth, candles,
Roses. The scene is set, it’s time.
The two enter a meal of soft glances,
Ending in a question and ring.
She says yes, crying for joy.
They smile at the

This is an old poem I originally wrote March 22, 2010, for Daily Writing Practice. I’m posting it today for Monday Poetry Potluck, prompt Food, Drink, and Indulgence.

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