Book Quote: An Uncertain Voyage

Cover of "Uncertain Voyage"

Cover of Uncertain Voyage

I enjoyed An Uncertain Voyage by Dorothy Gilman very much. On the surface, it is about a young woman’s encounter with a secret agent and what happens to her after he entrusts a precious package to her because he has been discovered and will never reach his destination. Beneath the surface, it is about her inner journey, learning to love and trust again after a mental breakdown. I want to share with you a quotation from the book. It is from near the end of the book and her journey, both literally and figuratively, and she is beginning to awaken from her lifelong sleep of distrust, despair, and fear.

Faith meant trusting, it meant the horror of trusting the unknown, of placing faith in what could be neither seen nor touched nor proven. It meant going on when one’s very soul cried out to turn back, it meant, above all, unending risk.


This Week’s Reading

A good day — books in the mail and a stop at the library book sale.

Highland Fling — Katie Fforde (I think I already read this one, but I don’t own it already, and I really like her books)
The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday — Alexander McCall Smith (an Isabel Dalhousie novel — I am slowly collecting them, and I skipped this one in the series to boot)
Dragon’s Blood — Jane Yolen (more young adult than I usually read now, but I really liked her books when I was younger, and I was feeling nostalgic)
Uncertain Voyage — Dorothy Gilman (I love her Mrs. Pollifax novels, and this was not quite what I was expecting, but very very good {I already finished it})
The Dovekeepers — Alice Hoffman (a gift, but I have been wanting to read a novel of Masada, and I am eagerly anticipating it)
A Game of Thrones — George R. R. Martin (terribly popular right now, I understand, not something I usually do, but a gift so I shall approach with an open mind)
A Certain Smile — Judith Michael (I am reading it right now and enjoying it very much)

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