Tuesday Treasure: Neon Wedding Tassels

Neon Thread Tassels

Neon Wedding Tassels
{Click the image to see the Etsy listing}

Add a touch of elegance to your wedding with a beautiful tassel! Now available in neon colors — pink, yellow, green, or blue
— to match your wedding colors {other colors are also available}.

What can you do with tassels at your wedding? (Different tassel tops are available for different uses, from keychains to hanging cord to ear wires and more)

  • give to your bridesmaids (bridesmaid gift)
  • give to your guests (wedding favor)
  • add to your hair
  • add to your bouquet (wrap hanging cord around your bouquet, or add to the flowers themselves)
  • wrap hanging cord around napkins (napkin rings)
  • add to table centerpieces
  • shoe tassels
  • clip to your purse or clutch
  • clip to a chain: necklace
  • buy two: exchange with your beloved
  • buy two: wear as earrings




Working Wednesday: Tassel Color Samples

I am well embarked on my project to create a tiny tassel in every color I have so I can use them as samples in my custom item listings. Today I created the layout I will use for the montage of all the tassels and put the first few photos in.

Layout for tassel sample photo montage

Layout for tassel sample photo montage
{Click the image to zoom in and see the name of each color}

It turns out I can’t fit all the photos on one page, so this is just the first page — it will be multiple images in an Etsy listing. But progress is made — I hope to have all the tassels done by the end of this month. Maybe I will even have all the stitch marker sets made!

This was written for WiP Wednesday, an event of the Idaho Etsy Team. Be sure and check out what everyone else is working on, too!

Friday Feature: Gray and Yellow

I have been rereading The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White lately. I was struck by his description of the cygnet, a baby swan.

{The swan is waiting for her eggs to hatch.}
Late in the afternoon, the swan was rewarded for her patience. She gazed down, and there, pushing her feathers aside, came a tiny head — the first baby, the first cygnet. It was soft and downy. Unlike its parents, it was gray. Its feet and legs were the color of mustard. Its eyes were bright. … It was glad to breathe the air, after being cooped up so long inside an egg.

I was inspired by this passage to create a treasury in the colors of the cygnet.

‘Gray and Yellow Cygnet’ by lizbethsgarden

A treasury inspired by the description of the cygnets (baby swans) in The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.

Rooster Pillow Butt…


Gun Metal and Yello…


Distressed Tea Stai…


Diaper wipes/Flanne…


Blank Diecut Bookma…


Yellow Geometric Be…


Yellow tagua eco ea…


Crochet Fingerless …


Spiderweb Agate Cro…


Gray and yellow pil…


Chainmaille earring…


Dreamy Misty Earl G…


Partly Sunny gray a…


Lady Gray–Handmade…


Felt Zippered Pouch…


Yellow cat eye cube…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Friday Feature: The DTeam in Earth Tones

Today’s Friday Feature is a selection of items from the Etsy DListers team in earth tones:

{Click the pictures to see the full treasury.}

From a handmade journal to a crocheted bird’s nest, from a felt toy horse to a wire crochet bracelet in amber glass, and more, this treasury has something for everyone. If you like it, be sure and visit the stores of the Etsy DListers.




Color Perceptions Altered During Wakefulness

Comparison of warm and cool shades of gray.

Image via Wikipedia

In an abstract presented at last year’s SLEEP 2010, the 24th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC, scientists showed that color perception is altered while a person is awake, and reset during sleep.

From the abstract:

On a given trial, a full-field homogeneous stimulus of either slightly reddish or greenish hue was displayed. The observer had to judge if the stimulus was greener or redder than their internal percept of neutral gray.
[I]t is not sleep that causes gray to be classified as red- dish, but prior wakefulness that causes gray to be classified as greenish and sleep restores perception to achromatic “equilibrium”, i.e. following overnight sleep, physical gray is perceived as gray.

I find this fascinating, that being awake can change how we perceive color.

The SLEEP 2010 abstract supplement is available for download on the website of the journal Sleep at http://www.journalsleep.org/ViewAbstractSupplement.aspx (as a PDF) and you will find this abstract on page 40 of the PDF (it is abstract #0106 on abstract page A39).

I also used Sleep May Restore Color Perception on the ColourLovers blog and a press release on EurekAlert as references while writing this post.

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