Rain #poetry

Water gently spilling from the sky

Soft mist fills the trees
Thunder and lightning crash

Drops fall faster and faster
Mixed with ice chunks
Suddenly quiet — slow drops tumbling down

Dawn #poem

As dusk comes softly

So does night flee
Creeping away

On blue-gray cats’ paws
Batting the night softly into
The golden light of dawn

April Morning #poem

Cool gray morning

Streets shine in
The gleam of headlights

Green leaves open
Under the welcome

Blue Skies #poem

The mournful sound of old love songs

Half heard on the edge of memory
Take me back

To the long ago days
When you loved me
And I loved you.

Sandcastle #poetry

Sand — carefully packed and shaped

Carved into a castle
Complete with moat

The waves wash higher on the shore
Closer and closer
Until the castle crumbles away.


small sturdy boy

growing boy
Getting bigger every day

grow up, grow up,
you need to
But, oh, not too fast!

Evening Sky

The clearest color

I have ever beheld
Shining like a translucent

Robin’s egg in the sky
A pure, celestial
Blue above the clouds.

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