What Bloggers Should Aim For

I just read an amazing article about blogging, by Corbett Blair on Think Traffic. The article focused on teaching bloggers how to write the best posts possible, every time, but looking at it from the opposite perspective, getting rid of the fluff. One thing really stood out for me in the article — what the goal of every post should be:

Aim to inspire, educate, entertain and change lives.

I admit, I am writing this post partially to remind myself in the future what my goals should be for Every. Single. Blog. Post. I. Write. Can I do it? Of course not. But it’s a goal I’ve already had, unarticulated, in my mind, for a while. Now it’s written down for me.

Are you a blogger? Then go forth to inspire, educate, entertain, and change lives.

Empty of words, and yet not

Tonight and yesterday I have found myself empty of words to share with the world, and yet I want to write and tell you about it. A paradox, a conundrum, that I can find words to tell you of having no words.

There is always so much to do, so many errands to run, things to accomplish, children to read to, that sometimes in the quiet moments when the demands are all met and no one needs anything, it is nice to sit and read for myself.

To not worry about the blog that hasn’t had a posting, to not worry about the million other things on the to-do list, to let them all sit for a time while I read.

I know some of you who read this blog, and I imagine what your reactions are while I write, and yet I ignore you, too, and write for myself, and for those of you I don’t know who yet read this blog, and for myself. Always it comes back to myself. If I didn’t write for myself, write what I like, there would be no blog. I read another blogger some time ago, who wrote that someone had told her, “Write as though no one will ever read your blog, and as though everyone will read your blog.” So true, and so hard to accomplish, that tension between the public and the private that makes a well-done blog so fascinating to read.

Some of the old-time writers talked to their readers, as though they could reach through the page and be right there, speaking to the reader. They didn’t maintain the illusion of distance, the image of the printed page as wall. In the spirit of Kipling, good night, Gentle Reader, good night.

Lovely Awards for Me

I just want to do a quick post and let you all know about some really cute awards I have gotten this week.

First up, The Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you to Jackie Paulson who gave it to me:

I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and choose more bloggers to receive the award. I’m not very good at these things, so may I refer you to the two posts above for the 7 things most people don’t know and bloggers who inspire me.

And, I have gotten a whole slew of pretty pictures to share with all of you because I participated in Poetry Rally last week.

Versatile Blogger Award/International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and I won the Versatile Blogger Award. What is the connection between those events, you might ask? Well, as part of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, I agreed to pass it on and link to 15 other bloggers. In honor of International Women’s Day, I am linking only to other amazing women bloggers. (Sorry, guys, I know some of you have really cool blogs, you’ll just have to wait for another time.)

First, the award.

Now onto the award. First, thanks to Betty Bead, aka BlackSheepBeadery, for nominating me for the award. Also thanks to NELdesigns, who also nominated me.

Next, according to the Rules

  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

I am supposed to tell you 7 random facts about me:

  1. I just learned to touch-type Dvorak a few months ago, and I still make a fair number of mistakes. Which can be fairly amusing, since the Dvorak keyboard places the most-used keys next to each other. (fun becomes fin, or gun; love becomes live)
  2. I started several volunteer groups in college (and I doubt anyone who knows me is surprised)
  3. I have a dry sense of humor (but you knew that already, right?) :)
  4. I started Lizbeth’s Garden, my tassel-making (among other things) business because I couldn’t find fan pull tassels I liked at a price I liked, but I still haven’t gotten around to making any for myself
  5. I started writing better poetry after reading A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver
  6. I grow my own vegetables, and I have started leeks and celery for the coming planting season
  7. I have never been skiing.

And now for the nominations:

  1. Lemon Tree Tales
  2. Gus and Lula
  3. Uppercase Woman
  4. Kavita
  5. SassyBelle
  6. Queen of Creativity
  7. An Artist’s Journey
  8. Celebrating a Year
  9. signed…bkm
  10. Musing by Moonlight
  11. Jingle
  12. broken sparkles/Scent of my Heart
  13. Jessica’s Japes
  14. Cage Free Family
  15. Pretty Babies

Okay, enjoy reading these blogs from these amazing women. (You might think that is a random list, but they are all amazing. Really.)

2011 Post A Day Challenge

I’m going to participate in the 2011 Post-A-Day Challenge from WordPress. That means I am going to try to post at least one blog entry a day for all of 2011. I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss a day sometime, but I can’t resist the challenge.

I thought about participating in the Post-A-Week Challenge, but I already post at least once a week, so it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

Wish me luck!

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