Goodbye Sonoma Sparkler, I hardly knew you

Last month, I discovered an amazing new soda, Sonoma Sparkler, that is so yummy. I have tried the lemonade and the apple flavors. They are organic, and made by the same company that makes Reed’s Ginger Sodas. The label says they are made by a wine and cider maker. Delicious!

But don’t get too excited, they are only on the discontinued shelf of the shop where I found them. The clerks there say they just didn’t sell. But they are so yummy, I cry. No hope, they say, they just don’t move.

I went online, checked the manufacturer’s website. There is one other store in town that sells their products. Dare I hope that they sell the Sparklers? I doubt it — it is a full-service grocery, not likely to carry a small brand of delicious soda that tastes like melting sunlight on my tongue.

They don’t seem to sell retail, only wholesale. If I owned a store, I’d be on their wholesale list so fast, you couldn’t say boo. But I don’t have a store, so I’m out of luck.

My last hope is a blog post, sent into the void of the Internet. Will I ever taste the Sonoma Sparkler again (I drank my last bottle tonight)? Perhaps the store has not yet sold out. Perhaps someday I will visit Sonoma. Perhaps I will find a way to get Sonoma Sparklers in Idaho. I can only hope.


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