Went to the fair today

Fair in Amsterdam

Fair in Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was hot, and busy, and the hay in the animal barns made me feel odd (grass allergy) but it was fun! Way better than the time we went in a dust storm two years ago, and came home with dirt coming out our ears (literally)!

This summer was crazy, so I didn’t even think about entering anything in the fair, but I really want to enter a tassel next year, and some of my flowers. I think I have pansies to equal the 1st place pansies from this year.

The beading will be a challenge — there is way more beaded jewelry than last year. But I think I would enter in the off-loom category, and there was only one item in that category this year. It looks like the judges are looking for good use of color, technical proficiency, and taking some risks (but not too many) with technique or appearance.

On a different, but slightly related, topic, the cakes were amazing! Particularly the professional theme cakes this year. The wedding buttercreams were really nice, too. I was a little disappointed in the wedding fondants — not too daring this year. But it is just amazing what people can do with cake, icing, and some fondant.

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