Tuesday Treasure: Autumn

The weather is getting cooler, the kids are going back to school, autumn is in the air! At this time of year, I love to surround myself with the colors of the season — rich browns, ripe reds, glowing yellows, and deep oranges. I love the contrast between the crisp air and blue sky and the rich, earthy colors the land and plants take on.

Celebrate those beautiful colors with these lovely beaded tassels from Lizbeth’s Garden.

Screen Shot of Autumn Beaded Tassels from Lizbeth's Garden on EtsyClick the image to visit Lizbeth’s Garden and check out these tassels, as well as more seasonal items, like skull-themed tassels for Halloween, artisan potpourri, and engraved metal.

Wordless Wednesday: Raked Leaves: A Job Well Done

Leaf Pile

Leaf Pile with Gloves

Two Leaf Piles

A Love Letter from a Tree in Autumn

Farewell, sweet
Friends. I enjoyed our time
Together. Frost
On the lawn
And we must part. Yellow leaves
Goodbye. Your tree loved you.

For Poetry Potluck. Inspired by this prompt on Daily Writing Practice.

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