Tuesday Treasure: Sunrise on the Pond

The Koi Pond Beaded Tassel plus the Sunrise Beaded Tassel on a display stand make Sunrise on the Pond.



Wondering how to get more poetry in your life?

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

Try these tips from Melissa Wiley at Geek Mom. 5 websites and books to explore and read over the course of a year until National Poetry Month rolls around again in April. (Which I totally missed celebrating here on this blog) Most of the tips are geared to families with children, but are still great suggestions even if you don’t have kids.

And one more tip I have used: Pick a favorite poem and find a book of poems by the author. Read one poem a day until you finish the book.

Tuesday Treasure: Mini Graduation Tassels

Are you planning a scrapbook of your graduation ceremony? Perhaps you are homeschooled, or won’t be walking through your school’s commencement? If you want a memento of your graduation experience, too, or an additional memento for your memory books, you need a handmade mini graduation tassel.

New in Lizbeth’s Garden Etsy shop this spring, you can order in the colors seen above or the colors of your choice — your school colors or your favorite colors. Order today for graduation!



Friday Feature: Art Beyond Eye Candy

I have gotten to know Connie as a team member on the Etsy DListers team. She is cheerful and persevering, an artist in Idaho who shares her art in shows and galleries and in her Etsy store. In her blog, Art Beyond Eye Candy, she shares her personal journey and the reasons behind and for many of her artworks.

Book Quote: An Uncertain Voyage

Cover of "Uncertain Voyage"

Cover of Uncertain Voyage

I enjoyed An Uncertain Voyage by Dorothy Gilman very much. On the surface, it is about a young woman’s encounter with a secret agent and what happens to her after he entrusts a precious package to her because he has been discovered and will never reach his destination. Beneath the surface, it is about her inner journey, learning to love and trust again after a mental breakdown. I want to share with you a quotation from the book. It is from near the end of the book and her journey, both literally and figuratively, and she is beginning to awaken from her lifelong sleep of distrust, despair, and fear.

Faith meant trusting, it meant the horror of trusting the unknown, of placing faith in what could be neither seen nor touched nor proven. It meant going on when one’s very soul cried out to turn back, it meant, above all, unending risk.

Tuesday Treasure: Flower Notecards in my Zibbet Shop

Finally, I have new notecards up in my Zibbet shop, Lizbeth’s Art! They fit the envelopes I already have there. I made them by pounding flowers onto the paper. The pansy I embellished with a little colored pencil, too.

Yellow and Blue Pansy Notecard

Blue Flowers Pink Notecard

It must be wedding season!

After I wrote yesterday’s blog post, I found out about another wedding treasury with one of my beaded white wedding tassels in it. This one is equally lovely, so I wanted to share it, too. Presenting “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding,” by Jenny of Black Magic Emporium.

‘It’s a Nice Day For a White Wedding’ by BlackMagicEmporium

Vintage Etsy Society Street Team Treasury Challenge #63vintageetsysociety.blogspot.com/

Custom make Vintage…


Vintage Seafoam Blu…


Natural Oatmeal But…


Glass Cloche Collec…


Milk Glass Pedestal…


Vintage Punch Cups …


Vintage 80s Lace Up…


Porcelain China Ros…


Beaded Wedding Tass…


Murano Glass Perfum…


vintage champagne g…


Pearl Starfish Beac…


Vintage Chodziez Ch…


Vintage White Beade…


Vintage Abalone But…


1960s white gloves …


Treasury tool supported by website testing

Tuesday Treasure: Sale! And Purple Roses on Yellow Tassel

Celebrate spring and Easter with this lovely purple and yellow tassel.

I just realized today that I have just over 200 hearts in my Etsy shop! To celebrate, I am offering 15% off everything in my shop through tomorrow, April 4. Use coupon code 200HEARTS at checkout from Lizbeth’s Garden.

The purple and yellow tassel pictured to the left makes me think of Easter dresses, and Easter eggs, and having an Easter egg hunt in the crisp morning air of a springtime day. I remember the Easter egg hunts of my childhood in New Mexico, always in the front yard (because most of the backyard was sand and the little plots of grass in the backyard were always living too much on the edge of dying from no water to be walked on) and the sky was clear and a brilliant blue. The air was actually damp, often, which was a treat in the dry desert air. We ran around, finding the eggs under bushes and lying in the grass. Once, an egg was hidden in the fork of the tree trunk. Only once, because it was too high for us to reach and my brother tried to shimmy up the trunk holding his Easter basket. My dad lifted the egg down, instead.

I hope this tassel brings back your Easter memories, too.

Sunrise Beaded Art Tassel

Sunrise is the other beaded tassel I created for my upcoming art show. The large pendant was created by a fellow Etsy seller, noneoftheabove.

Koi Pond Beaded Tassel: Creating an Art Tassel

Koi Pond Beaded Tassel on its sideI will be in an art show at the end of April, so I have made a couple tassels especially for that show. Let me share with you a behind-the-scenes peek at making a beaded tassel, the Koi Pond Beaded Tassel.

Some months ago, I found an amazing silver fish at the bead store. I knew right away it was going to need a special tassel to show it off. I decided to make a fish pond tassel for my new fish.

The 7 inch tassel gives me a lot of room to play with beads, as well as giving me a second place for beads at the top (see the pale green and yellow bead lines in the photo to the left). So I picked out four thread colors (to give the illusion of water and multiple layers within the pond) and started the tassel. I had a dark blue, a dark green, a light variegated blue, and a bright green. They complemented each other, 2 dark colors and 2 light, so I layered them. First I wrapped the dark colors, and then the light colors.

The threads wrapped on the tassel formThen I tied it off and cut the end.

Koi Pond Tassel Tied OffThen I started adding beads.

Now I have a beautiful tassel with lots of gorgeous beads. Can you spot the hidden orange bead strands (meant to be fish hiding in the pond)?

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