To my Triberr Friends — I want to leave, but Triberr won’t let me

Dear Triberr Friends,

TLDR: Drop me from your tribes — it’s only fair.

You all are amazing. You work so hard at Triberr, making sure that everyone in your tribes gets shared. Here’s the thing. I can’t work that hard — I don’t have the time, and worrying about whether or not I was sharing enough, and blogging enough high-quality posts to justify being shared, and whether or not I was getting enough views on each post was just so much WORK! And it spoiled blogging for me, so I took an extended break. I didn’t even mean to take such a long break, I just didn’t write and I didn’t post. Now I’m back to writing, and it feels good. And I’m blogging again, and it feels good, too, getting my words out to people, even if it is just a few people. But I can’t go back to Triberr — it’s just too much time and worry for me. And I’m sorry, because you all are amazing people.

But there’s another thing. I firmly believe I shouldn’t be shared if I’m not going to share in return. So I have tried twice to quit Triberr and delete my account. I can’t leave Triberr — it won’t let me delete my account. I try, and nothing happens. It’s like the Hotel California: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” And I don’t have time to try and track down a Triberr admin and explain the problem, and get it fixed. I really don’t have the time. I’m writing this blog post while I ought to be doing at least 3 other things, one of which people actually pay me to do. So I’m feeling really guilty about all the lovely Twitter shares that are showing up in my inbox, so I’m writing you all, my Triberr friends, this letter.

I don’t know another way to reach all of you and tell you that it’s okay if you drop me from your tribes, and leave my tribe. I’m not giving you what I should, so you don’t have to give me anything. I miss you all, and I miss reading your amazing posts. But it’s better this way. I’ll see you around some time, ‘kay? Lizbeth

Review: Mother Daughter Letter Book

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of the Mother Daughter Letter Book reviewed in this blog post.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that I would like a more meaningful connection with my mother. I had a fairly typical growing-up experience, and while my mother told me plenty of stories, I didn’t always hear the stories to tell me what she is really like and what she likes, underneath all the ‘mom’ stuff.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Uncommon Goods (visit their website here:, a Brooklyn-based catalog retailer, to write a review for them. I have been receiving their catalogs for some time, and admiring the quirky and unusual items they carry, half of which are handcrafted and a third include recycled/upcycled materials.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure at finding in their catalog this Mother Daughter Letter Book (see it here: amongst all the gifts for women and mothers ( I knew right away that I wanted it to share with my mom, and it has definitely met all my expectations.

The back half is one big pull-out box (with a red satin ribbon for pulling it out) full of question cards and envelopes to send the cards in (if mother and daughter don’t live close). Once the cards & envelopes are gone, keepsakes can be stored in the box. The journal itself has plenty of places to write, and lots of places to stick question cards. I love the thick ivory pages decorated with faux-scrapbook illustrations, giving the whole thing a vintage yet modern feel. There is a lovely wide red satin book mark to match the keepsake box pull-out.

My only complaint is that the instructions say that the mother should keep the book and send cards to her daughter — it works better the other way for my mom & me, and I would rather we weren’t being instructed on every page to do it differently, but that is a minor complaint. Overall, I love this book, and I am so glad to have the chance to get to know my mom better.

If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, you can find more gifts on Uncommon Goods for women ( and moms (

Beautiful Waterfalls

This picture of waterfalls in Iceland is amazing. It’s from the May 2012 issue of National Geographic.

Photography - Desktop Wallpaper - National Geographic Magazine

Photography – Desktop Wallpaper – National Geographic Magazine.

Leaving Pinterest (Updated Twice)

Update #1: I deleted my Pinterest account at 10:30 am (my time) on Friday, February 17, 2012.

Update #2: I am quoted in this article on Pinterest and copyright issues.

I will be leaving Pinterest tomorrow (or maybe Friday if I don’t get to it tomorrow). This makes me very sad. But I am afraid that it is a hotbed of copyright violations. I am unhappy with the way the Terms of Service and the Pinning Etiquette pages are not telling users loud and clear that Pinterest copies the images linked to, adds their own license, and could use the images for their own financial gain. All of this is legal as far as I know, but I’m going to vote with my feet.

If you do not own the images you pin, or have permission to pin them, you are violating copyright laws.

Don’t believe me? Read this:

Is Pinterest a Hotbed of Copyright Violations?

Still want to pin? Try these articles for some great advice:

Pinning for HubPages

Avoiding Copyright Violations on Pinterest

Thank you to the great members of the DTeam for bringing these matters to my attention.

This Week’s Reading

Queen by Right — Anne Easter Smith
Heart Wishes — Jude Devereaux
The Echo Chamber — Luke Williams
Then Came You — Jennifer Weiner

Lovely Awards for Me

I just want to do a quick post and let you all know about some really cute awards I have gotten this week.

First up, The Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you to Jackie Paulson who gave it to me:

I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and choose more bloggers to receive the award. I’m not very good at these things, so may I refer you to the two posts above for the 7 things most people don’t know and bloggers who inspire me.

And, I have gotten a whole slew of pretty pictures to share with all of you because I participated in Poetry Rally last week.

90 Minutes of Writing

I have been struggling lately with finding time to write. So when StumbleUpon gave me this website Monday evening, I was intrigued. I decided I would try it Tuesday morning if I woke up early enough.

Well, I not only woke up when my husband’s alarm went off, I actually wanted to get up. I tried to make myself go back to sleep, but it was no good. I was up and writing twenty minutes later.

The website says to just write, but not being a college student any more with the luxury of as much time as I want (although it didn’t feel like it then), I decided I would just work on projects as I wanted to, and not try to write on just one for 90 minutes.

I worked on one poem I had forgotten I had started, finished editing another, started editing one more, wrote something for yesterday’s writing prompt at Daily Writing Practice, did some journal writing, reread and restarted The Cabin, wrote something for today’s prompt at DWP, and this blog post.

Actually, I spent over two hours writing. This from someone who normally whines, ‘I have no time to write.’ I think the mere act of having a plan made me want to go make it happen. Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, if I get up I’ll try and get some writing done,’ I was thinking, ‘I need to get up and get that writing done.’ A huge difference in those two thoughts.

I’m going to keep up this experiment, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

cross-posted at High Desert Writers.

Creative Blog Award

Thank you, Becca, for this lovely award.

Versatile Blogger Award/International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and I won the Versatile Blogger Award. What is the connection between those events, you might ask? Well, as part of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, I agreed to pass it on and link to 15 other bloggers. In honor of International Women’s Day, I am linking only to other amazing women bloggers. (Sorry, guys, I know some of you have really cool blogs, you’ll just have to wait for another time.)

First, the award.

Now onto the award. First, thanks to Betty Bead, aka BlackSheepBeadery, for nominating me for the award. Also thanks to NELdesigns, who also nominated me.

Next, according to the Rules

  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

I am supposed to tell you 7 random facts about me:

  1. I just learned to touch-type Dvorak a few months ago, and I still make a fair number of mistakes. Which can be fairly amusing, since the Dvorak keyboard places the most-used keys next to each other. (fun becomes fin, or gun; love becomes live)
  2. I started several volunteer groups in college (and I doubt anyone who knows me is surprised)
  3. I have a dry sense of humor (but you knew that already, right?) :)
  4. I started Lizbeth’s Garden, my tassel-making (among other things) business because I couldn’t find fan pull tassels I liked at a price I liked, but I still haven’t gotten around to making any for myself
  5. I started writing better poetry after reading A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver
  6. I grow my own vegetables, and I have started leeks and celery for the coming planting season
  7. I have never been skiing.

And now for the nominations:

  1. Lemon Tree Tales
  2. Gus and Lula
  3. Uppercase Woman
  4. Kavita
  5. SassyBelle
  6. Queen of Creativity
  7. An Artist’s Journey
  8. Celebrating a Year
  9. signed…bkm
  10. Musing by Moonlight
  11. Jingle
  12. broken sparkles/Scent of my Heart
  13. Jessica’s Japes
  14. Cage Free Family
  15. Pretty Babies

Okay, enjoy reading these blogs from these amazing women. (You might think that is a random list, but they are all amazing. Really.)

Fun Artist Blogs

Today I thought I’d share with you a few artists’ blogs that I always enjoy reading:

Lemon Tree Tales: a thread artist’s blog, highlighting her cloth dolls, quilts, sewing, and other creative ventures. Be sure and check out her dolls, they are simply amazing.

Nic Hohn: Nic Hohn is a mixed media artist in Australia. Her collages and paintings are delightful and inspiring.

Queen of Creativity: Kate is a local artist, weaver and writer who shares her creative inspiration on her blog. She also shares the creative challenges and exercises she tries and encourages her readers to try them, too. A great blog to read when you’re stuck for inspiration.

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