The Epicentre

Deep in the glacier, Erik let go my wrist and said, ‘Stefan, this is my wife, Judy. She just arrived from town. The snow monster attacks are almost constant now.’

A slim, dark haired man turned from a table and smiled at me. ‘How can you bear to be married to him? He does not understand the niceties at all. Have you been offered some tea?’

I shook my head mutely, awed by his accent and air of authority.

‘Well, no matter. Here is some now.’ He held out a steaming mug to me. I took it gratefully.

‘Please, have a seat, and then tell me everything that has happened with the snow monsters recently. What compelled you to come here?’

I explained about the increasing attacks, the disappearance of Kitty Cat, and my fear for the children and how I had left them safely in the basement of the neighbor, and my terrifying journey here.

Stefan nodded. ‘You were right to come here. This is valuable information. We have just about located the epicentre of the attacks, and we are on the verge of determining the origin of the snow monsters.’

Dark and Cloudy

The sun is hidden today
A grey sky greets us instead
We blink in the light of winter.

Leafless Tree

Tall and proud against
The sky, lifting its branches
Despite threat of snow

A Day at the Beach

An expanse of sand
Warm to the skin, not hot
A length of striped terry cloth,
Bright stripes running down
Tossed upon the sand.

Surf rolling in
Wave after wave
Roaring up

Little feet running
Up and down the sand
Scampering in and out of the surf
Back and forth to the towel

A perfect day.

Diva Dressing: a poem

None of it works
I have a specific vision
A diva must always look spectacular
No, not that. I couldn’t possibly

I have a specific vision
And I must wear the clothes to match
No, not that. I couldn’t possibly
Don’t you see? Amazing is my trademark.

I must wear the clothes to match
My exuberant personality and how I feel today
Don’t you see? Amazing is my trademark.
I suppose I could try this on

A diva must always look spectacular
Befitting my exuberant personality
I suppose I could try this on
I do suppose it works.

Morning Rush: A Poem

Hurry and bustle
Rush all around
Getting ready for school
A rush, a hurry, a breath of spring

Rush all around
Mustn’t be late
A rush, a hurry, a breath of spring
Gather this, grab that

Mustn’t be late
Gather this, grab that
Hurry and bustle
Getting ready for school


Blue sky shining
Yellow flower blooming
Cool air gently blowing
Winter is over, spring is here.

Defense: a poem

Ready to defend the country
Against more than fire or flood
Our trusty park rangers
Also stand against fascism.

inspired by today’s prompt at Daily Writing Practice: the park ranger

Snow: a poem

Sifting down out of the sky
Nibbling away at the edges of definition
Obliterating all in a blanket of


Thanks to Marc over at Daily Writing Prompt for the title of today’s blog post. It perfectly captures how I feel about my writing right now.

I let my writing, and my blogging, slip away over the last few years, especially last year. I actually had reasonably good reasons for this, but things have changed again, and I have the energy and desire to start writing and blogging again. I shall just have to make the time for it, as well.

My writing
Begun anew
Old habits returning
Prompts answered
Taking time from a busy life
Hello again!

an original poem

Among other things, I allowed Facebook to take over my internet life, as well as my writing life. I do not write so much or so long on Facebook, it feels more immediate and more exposed, as well as being very distracting. When I am on Facebook, it feels like my brain is always saying “Squirrel!” and moving on to the next thing. There are important things I accomplish on Facebook, and I am going to continue to participate with it, but I am going to be spending less time there. Somewhat ironically, I will be sharing this post there. My time on Facebook is going to be much more intentional.

This was not intended to be a New Year’s Resolution post, but it looks like it is turning into that. Here goes:

  1. Be more deliberate.
  2. Write more. Journal every morning.
  3. Spend less time on Facebook. Make the most of the time I do spend there.

Hope to see you around more. Until next time!

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