Dark and Cloudy

The sun is hidden today
A grey sky greets us instead
We blink in the light of winter.

A Clean Desk for A New Year

I was sick over Christmas, and just got better the last couple days. Yesterday I cleaned my desk off, and I have been enjoying all the lovely space as I get in a lot of writing. It feels really good to have a nice clean workspace to start the new year with.

Christmas Orange
Fragrant, lovely citrus
Just the thing to brighten a
Dull, winter day.

Back from Summer Break

I am back from summer break, and almost caught up with everything that needs to be done after 2 weeks away from one’s ordinary life. I apologize for starting to post on this blog again, and then disappearing for several weeks. That was the only big break/trip we have scheduled until next summer, so expect regular updates from me now. I also apologize for the paltry post, but I have returned from vacation with so many writing plans swirling through my head, I need to pick just one at a time to write about.

I hope to post at least once a week, hopefully more often, for the foreseeable future. I’m actually hoping to post once a day (except for weekends) but that’s probably too much to plan on for sure as I get into the swing of things.

It rained last night, leaving the world very sparkly. Which is a terribly overused cliche, so instead I will leave you with a little haiku.

Vapor rises off
The wet deck, bright green leaves shine
Summer rain’s end.

Good morning!

I have neglected this blog far too long, but I felt like writing this morning and so bring you this quick sketch of a poem:

Early morning light
Glows pink on sidewalk and dog
Showing the mundane at its best.


Also, I will be leaving triberr. I have come to the conclusion that it made blogging a chore and made me examine every post for the number of views it might gather. And while views are all well and good, and publicizing others is all well and good, I started this blog to share writing that makes my mind sing, and that’s what I’m going back to. I want people to share this blog because it makes *their* mind sing, too, not because it showed up in their feed and they feel they have to.

This Week’s Reading

I think it possible we actually survived winter. It was above freezing two days in a row now. Makes the neighborhood (unplowed) roads hard to drive on, though. Onto my reading for this week.

The Hounds and the Fury — Rita Mae Brown
The Roots of the Olive Tree — Courtney Santo
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti — Mohammed Hanif
The Painted Boy — Charles de Lint
Waifs and Strays — Charles de Lint
The Gilly Salt Sisters — Tiffany Baker

Merry Christmas for me & my family

I had a lovely Christmas. I hope all of you who celebrate did, too. If you didn’t, I am holding you in my thoughts.

For me, the true meaning of Christmas comes at the end of the Christmas Eve church service, when the lights are dimmed, and each person lights their candle from the person next to them. The whole sanctuary gradually fills with a lovely, flickering light, as the congregation sings softly of a magical night long ago and far away. In that moment, we are all one, one worshipful body of people, momentarily letting our cares and worries slip away. Then the music fades away, the candles are extinguished, and we all go out into the cold to go home and wait for the excitement of Christmas morning.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a short post today — I have some pies I need to bake. :)

I am thankful for so much in my life:

  • my family
  • my husband
  • my business
  • my paying job
  • my garden
  • and so much more

What are you thankful for today?


The Many Variations of Elizabeth


















And many, many more for many different languages and spellings. I find it completely fascinating that 1 name can have so many different variations, nicknames, and spellings. Some of the variations don’t even look related! Like Bettina and Liz.

Do you have a name with many variations and/or spellings? Please share in the comments.

Another Fall Gardening Update

Dried CornstalksDon’t worry, soon it will be too cold & snowy for gardening, and you won’t have to hear about it anymore. :)

List #1 (Imperative)

  1. Still: Rake leaves — mostly done — half the backyard & most of the leaves are raked, must do the other half of the backyard and all of the front — Can you tell I don’t want to do this?

List #2 (Nice to do but not imperative)

  1. Prune currant bushes, flowering quince bushes — DONE
  2. Trim grass around currant bushes
  3. Prune cherry tree, sycamore tree watersprouts — DONE
  4. Cut back chives around sycamore tree — DONE
  5. Cut back irises in backyard

And I also finished weeding and trimming around the front patio. The lists are getting shorter. Which is nice, because I am tired of clipping back grass & perennials. Now I will go pour candy in a bag for early trick-or-treaters.

Fall Gardening Update

Dried CornstalksToday we got lots and lots done in the garden on a nice, sunny day. The yard is almost all ready for winter, even the things that I didn’t absolutely have to do.

List #1 (Imperative)

  1. Pull up sweet pea plants in front of house — DONE
  2. Rake leaves — mostly done — half the backyard & most of the leaves are raked, must do the other half of the backyard and all of the front

List #2 (Nice to do but not imperative)

  1. Prune currant bushes, flowering quince bushes
  2. Trim grass around currant bushes
  3. Prune cherry tree, sycamore tree watersprouts
  4. Cut back chives around sycamore tree
  5. Cut back irises in backyard
  6. Cut down cornstalks and fertilize soil in barrel where corn grows — DONE
  7. Fertilize soil in barrel where mini pumpkins grow — DONE
  8. Empty containers on deck that don’t have plants to overwinter — DONE
  9. Take strawberry pots in driveway to back deck — one moved, the other is still in the driveway — DONE

I also cleaned up the leaves on the back deck and threw away the wind-blown trash that had been hiding in them, cleaned out the back shed, put away the deck hose, the front hose, the container feet not needed for the winter, and put away the deck & patio furniture. The last hardy geranium and the mini rose are inside, and the succulents transplanted into containers that will overwinter outside. All in all, a productive afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as nice and I can get the rest of the list completed.

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