Thanks to Marc over at Daily Writing Prompt for the title of today’s blog post. It perfectly captures how I feel about my writing right now.

I let my writing, and my blogging, slip away over the last few years, especially last year. I actually had reasonably good reasons for this, but things have changed again, and I have the energy and desire to start writing and blogging again. I shall just have to make the time for it, as well.

My writing
Begun anew
Old habits returning
Prompts answered
Taking time from a busy life
Hello again!

an original poem

Among other things, I allowed Facebook to take over my internet life, as well as my writing life. I do not write so much or so long on Facebook, it feels more immediate and more exposed, as well as being very distracting. When I am on Facebook, it feels like my brain is always saying “Squirrel!” and moving on to the next thing. There are important things I accomplish on Facebook, and I am going to continue to participate with it, but I am going to be spending less time there. Somewhat ironically, I will be sharing this post there. My time on Facebook is going to be much more intentional.

This was not intended to be a New Year’s Resolution post, but it looks like it is turning into that. Here goes:

  1. Be more deliberate.
  2. Write more. Journal every morning.
  3. Spend less time on Facebook. Make the most of the time I do spend there.

Hope to see you around more. Until next time!

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