Life of a Nomad

For J.B.: good luck on your travels

Like steady rocks in the oceans, steady, stable people stay in one place. They build community, relationships, and traditions. From beyond their borders come the nomads: journeymen, travelers, balladeers, minstrels, traders, gypsies. The nomads swirl through and around the stable rocks of villages and communities, bringing music, color, and change with them. And then they are gone, leaving behind the rock. A scarf around a neck, a snatch of music hummed during chores are all that remain, if that. And the nomad journeys on, remembering the warmth and the welcome he received. But his destiny lies elsewhere, beyond the stable village borders.

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  1. beautifully written, Lizbeth
    I somehow envy these people, they seem to have an indefinite freedom. However, I know I would not be able to live a life like this…


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