Thoughts on writing with very little time

Over the weekend, I read a post on a writers’ blog on how to get the most out of your writing time — very interesting, but it involved meditation and other items that implied the writer has relatively abundant writing time, despite her claims of having very little.

Even when I could scrounge up an hour-and-a-half of writing time, I certainly wasn’t using it for meditating or anything other than putting words on paper. I loosen up my mind for writing (which seemed to be the point of this author’s meditation exercises) with writing exercises & journaling.

I’m sure this author has an excellent process for getting the most out of her writing time, but I do wish she hadn’t said she had limited writing time, because it sounded like she had entire mornings just to write. I wish I could block out my entire morning for writing, but I am lucky to get a half hour. Those of us with truly limited writing time would appreciate some writing advice that actually pertains to us. If you have any, feel free to share in the comments.

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