Emily: The Assessment

Detective Wilkes felt quite pleased with himself as he stepped off the ferry. The mysterious young man had proved not to be Chris, but rather someone who had helped him flee after the attack in the Kentish flat. But he did know where Chris had ended up, which is how Detective Wilkes had come to be disembarking from the Jersey ferry on a sunny afternoon.

He passed a tall, imposing woman waiting with her two teenage children to board the ferry. As he moved down the docks, he realized the girl was pregnant. He suddenly realized if his initial assessment had been wrong.

He bolted back down the docks, hoping to talk to the little group, but it was too late. They were gone, and the ferry was pulling away on its return journey to Dover. He turned around again, heading out into the Jersey countryside towards the last known address of Christopher Harrison, hoping desperately he was wrong.

Note: Read the rest of the Emily stories here.

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