Dear Yahoo: Stop publishing sensationalistic, incorrect ‘news’

I really enjoy reading the news on Yahoo!. I like the way the home page is set up, I like the visuals, I like being able to get more news even when I check back frequently. But there is one thing about Yahoo!’s news that is annoying me more and more lately. Some (not all, but the amount seems to be increasing) of the articles posted are lacking in actual news content, and are posted solely for their sensationalistic qualities.

A partial list (of articles I actually read in the past 6 months or so):
Box Tops for Schools program is discontinued as of July 31, 2014
Vaccinating your children may cause them to catch Enterovirus D-68
Ebola is airborne, according to the CDC (this one is actually true, I think, but the article and headline were nothing but sensationalism — there was no scientific credibility involved)

There have been more, but I often don’t actually get sucked in to these articles, so these are the ones I can say were truly terrible. The first 2 in my list are outright lies.

I expect a news site to mix the important news in with more popular news, but I don’t expect the ‘news’ to be outright fabrications. I don’t mind my real news about current events being mixed with celebrity or sports news (I even occasionally read the latest celebrity gossip on Yahoo!), but I do mind a news site publishing things that are blatantly untrue and scientifically fraudulent.  Yahoo!, cut it out!

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