Summer is Over

Summer is over, the air is colder and the leaves are starting to turn. The kids go back to school on Tuesday, and fall is in the air.

Where have I been? We took a road-trip to Pennsylvania and then, after less than a week at home, another road-trip to Montana. But we are back now for the fall, winter, and spring.

I have been meaning to post here for a while. But while I was gone to Pennsylvania (and pretty much without Internet or access to regular news), Ferguson happened. And then I read this article by Mom-101 about how everyone needed to write about Ferguson, and I got writer’s block. Because I had barely begun to process what was going on in Ferguson (and I’m still working on it) and here I was being told that it was insensitive and ignorant to blog without writing about Ferguson. Which I actually agree with, but when you’ve just learned about a major event, it’s really hard to write about it without seeming insensitive and ignorant, which are the very things I was trying to avoid.

That brings me to tonight. I read this awesome article on Slate, Why the Fires in Ferguson Won’t End Soon, about the root causes of the unrest in Ferguson, and how the shooting of Michael Brown was the final straw for the black people of the St. Louis area, because they have been dealing with racism and worse from the police for years now. Read the article, because the Slate author puts it much better than I can.

And when I figure out what I can actually do about Ferguson and the racism at the root of it (since I am over a thousand miles away), I’ll let you know.

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