Teaching Thursday: How to Create an Interesting Twitter Feed for a Business

A friend of mine asked on Facebook how to create an interesting Twitter feed for a business. I started to answer, and realized the post was getting reeeaaalllly long. So I moved the post over here, and kept on writing … (Some of the info is specific to my friend, so adapt as necessary)

How to post things that are interesting: Post things you find interesting. You want your feed to reflect you and your business. The best way to do that is post things you find interesting. Now, since this is your business, you want to post things that will create positive feelings for your business. Probably stay away from political things (unless they reflect something important to your business).

You also want to make your Twitter feed a source of good info about your business: radio show info is good, class info is good, coupons or sale info are good (if you do those), but you don’t want to be spammy. So a good rule of thumb is 8-10 tweets about things other than your business for every tweet about your business. And you don’t want to just thank other people/retweet/reply to others, either. You should keep the thanks and replies to about every 3rd tweet, and retweets to about 3 tweets out of those 8-10, too. This sounds hard, but once you get going, it kind of comes naturally. I just keep a rough count in my head as I go, but you could record it somehow (using HootSuite would make it easier to keep track).

Here’s a rough count of what your tweets should look like:

Business info (radio show, classes, coupons): 1 tweet

Thank new follower: 1 tweet

Retweet: 2 tweets

Interesting tweet: 2 tweets

Reply to someone: 1 tweet

Interesting tweet: 2 tweets

That’s 9 tweets (8 non-business), so now you can start all over with a business info tweet.

Now, if you don’t tweet every day (I don’t), you can just keep the cycle going over days instead of hours. You don’t have to tweet every day, but you’ll get more followers and a more active feed if you do. HootSuite can help you schedule tweets.

If you schedule tweets, be sure and stop them if a major national or international disaster happens — you don’t want to appear insensitive.


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