Congratulations … #fiction

“Congratulations, you have won a free, one-way trip to Mars!”

Sarah backed away quickly from the annoying little man. She was used to the salespeople being pushy at these commercial trade shows, but he was a bit too persistent. And such a ridiculous pitch, too! A free trip to Mars, indeed.

Sarah’s foot hit something hard behind her and she staggered and fell over a stroller. The salesman advanced on her again, the fluorescent lights glinting on his oily, slicked-back hair.

“Ma’m, wait ma’m, just let me explain.” He came closer, holding something out towards her in his hand. Sarah suddenly recognized it as a hypodermic needle. She scooted backwards away from him, hoping to lose him in the crush. He continued to advance and Sarah screamed. Why did no one else in this mass of people realize he was attacking her? She kept on screaming as the needle came closer and closer to her bare arm …

cross-posted from Daily Writing Practice

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