The Lair of the Snow Monsters (#fiction)

I work my way around the edge of the camp, trying to stay away from the monsters. Halfway around the group of snow monsters, I stumble over something half-buried in the snow and fall flat on my face. I try not to make a sound, but I’m afraid I don’t succeed. All the breath is knocked out of me, and I lie on the snow, trying not to cry. Suddenly I feel something warm and fuzzy close around my wrist, and I am pulled to my left, away from the monsters. I raise my head. I can’t believe my eyes. Erik is pulling on my arm.

Erik pulled me towards him and I belly-crawled down a slight slope and into a snow cave within the walls of the crevasse. The cave burrowed into the crevasse wall, turning as it went. Within moments, we were out of sight of the snow monsters, although we could still hear and smell them.

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