Fall Gardening: Putting the Garden to Bed

Rake in Fallen LeavesAfter I hurt my hand in the summer, I really didn’t do much gardening for the rest of the summer, although I did harvest the tender veggies earlier in the fall, as the frosts began. So the garden has been getting pretty raggedy-looking. This month, it seems I have either felt sick and the weather has been lovely, or I have felt fine and the weather has been miserable.

This weekend was lovely, and the garden center warned that the snow was coming today, so all the tender plants, like roses, needed to be put to bed for the winter. Since Saturday afternoon, I have spent 6 hours in the yard, and I have nearly accomplished all the tasks that must be done before the snow falls. The storm isn’t here yet, so I hope to get out more today and finish those few tasks. There is more to be done, but there will be a few more nice days before it gets really cold, so I’ll have a few more work sessions in November.

So far I have:

  • deep-watered the trees
  • raked the leaves
  • put rose collars on the roses
  • cleared out the vegetable beds and the over-grown front bed
  • laid leaves over the vegetable beds and the roses
  • emptied the pots of annuals
  • brought tender, potted perennials, including the geraniums, indoors
  • cleared the leaves off the deck
  • cleaned out my deck greenhouse and latched it
  • folded the deck furniture & coiled the hoses, in preparation for winter storage

I still need to:

  • fertilize trees & shrubs
  • trim grass edges of the front hedge
  • cut back irises
  • empty the last containers of annuals
  • wrap containers of overwintering perennials (blueberries & hostas)
  • cover winter veggies that will overwinter*
  • plant sedums*
  • put away summer furniture & hoses
  • harvest herbs*

The * items are the ones I must absolutely do before the snow — hopefully I can get to it before the snow comes.


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