Sunday Service: Place

What is it about having a place of our own that brings out all our instincts against change? People in general dislike change, and want everything to stay the same, always. As a Tibetan Buddhist, ascribing to the theory that everything is change, in every moment everything is changing, I find myself fighting, every day, the temptation to hate change, and want everything the same.

As discussed in the message at today’s church service, having a place seems to make people even more resistant to change. From the toddler’s blanket fort, to the child’s treehouse, to the grown-up’s tucked away room, we all love to have our own place, and we don’t want it to change. Virginia Woolf even wrote an entire book on the subject, “A Room of Her Own.”

How can we balance a love of place with an acceptance of change? Is it even possible? Tell me about your own favorite places and how you embrace change in the comments.

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