I’m Looking for Writing Critique Partners

I need 2-3 writing critique partners. I need people able and willing to critique both my poetry and my fiction writing, something I can’t find locally — the writing groups I know of locally focus on fiction, not poetry. I don’t need spelling/grammar/punctuation help, although obviously I would want mistakes corrected. I’m looking for readers to critique the flow of a piece, the goals and motivations of the characters (for fiction) and word choices (especially for poetry).

Obviously, I am looking for someone able and willing to provide quality, constructive criticism. I am willing to critique your work in return. I am envisioning communicating via email, and exchanging 1-2 pieces per week (less for really long pieces, more for really short poems). If you are local, this is open to you, we just hadn’t connected, I guess. :)

If you’re interested, email me at lizbethsgarden at gmail dot com. Let me know your name, what kind of writing you do, and why you feel you’re qualified to help me (eg you are a published author, you write a blog, you love the English language, etc). If you have a blog or website, please include a link. I am going to be evaluating replies to make sure we are compatible and write in similar genres.

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  1. I need a critique partner as well.

  1. Scary Vulnerability [CARTOON] | A.K. Anderson | Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

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